Steelers Lounge Podcast #20: Steelers-Bills Recap — Dwight Stone

The Steelers are 8-3, yes, but it was about as ugly a win as you’re going to see. Tomlin reminds us that style points don’t matter, but you can’t realistically expect Pittsburgh to go far with many more efforts like this.

Anyway, JJ, Adam and I talk about it. Gretz and I didn’t have any major issues with the defense’s performance while JJ had a few. In fact, our back and forth on the subject was exactly like the Cortland Finnegan-Andre Johnson throwdown but without the helmets and the punches. I’ll let you decide who was Finnegan and who was Johnson.

Talking starts below.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #20: Steelers-Bills Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Bigswa

    Impressive getting your show up that quickly. How do you digest it that fast?

  • Anonymous

    How many kicks does Reed make, you ask?

    Well, if he doesn’t make three, there is no fourth!

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  • pastor_seancoop

    Pastor_seancoop-Love the new nickname of Skinny Skippy. Great website and love the weekly podcast. I use google listen to download the shows. Please try to get the podcast feed a little bit louder if you can. Thanks for keeping it clean.

  • Randy Steele

    Couple quick thoughts:

    Disagree with Adam about Ben’s punt. I think Ben had another played called, but didn’t like the defense so he smartly changed the play and booted it. Net result: Bills’ offense started 15 yards deeper in their territory. Good move.

    Lamarr Woodley is playing fat and slow. What’s the deal with that?! I thought he was up for a contract.

    If Keenan Lewis doesn’t commit pass interference, the Buffalo receiver makes the catch and scores.

    That sustained drive by Fitzpatrick at the opening of the third quarter was impressive and overlooked. When did the Steeler’s offense get the ball? With 6 or 7 minutes left? That drive set the tone for the Bills in the second half.

    I can’t blame the defense for their effort yesterday (special teams is another matter), but I will say that they’re looking a lot less impressive than they did the first half of the year.

    Which is no surprise, I guess, with 2/3 of their starting line missing in action, but I think the secondary must play closer on the receivers and jump more routes. I know it’s risky, but every offensive coordinator knows that you beat the Steelers by making short, accurate passes before the secondary can get to the receiver. LeBeau’s boys can’t defend that attack, at least, not the way they’re set up now.

    I want to see Crezdon Butler in the dime, and occasionally the nickel, if the choice is between him and Anthony Madison. I know it was a long time ago during pre-season, but that kid showed us some skillz.

    Agree that the Steelers should use Trai Essex more often as a blocking tight end. Hey, why not?! It works!

    No way Skippy wins that game. In fact, Skinny put that game on his foot and won it. Good for him.

    I’ve read some whining about his kick-offs, but cut him a break, those kicks were against the wind in Buffalo–a tough assignment for anyone. In fact, his 48-yard field goal was against the wind, too. Very impressive.

    Even with a loss in Baltimore, it’s pretty much the Steelers wild card to lose.

    And I agree with Ryan: I hate the Jets more than I hate the Patriots. The Jets have become the Ravens II.

  • Cols714

    I don’t know. JJ, I think, praised the OL. I totally disagree. The OL has been playing like hell. And the problem is the same as last year. The guards suck. Adams played OK and yes Scott isn’t all that great, but at least those guys are starting for injured starters.

    Kemo got completely abused yesterday and without that happening I think the Steelers win going away. He was called for holds on some big big plays and when he wasn’t holding he was standing 3 yards in the backfield.

    Mendenhall and Ben deserve some sort of award for their performances when your guards play that badly. I’m all for a CB then two guards in the first three rounds next year.

    I really do think that the OL is going to keep this team from doing anything this year.