Mike Tomlin Press Conference, Steelers-Jets: The Talking Points

Mike Tomlin had his weekly meeting with the media on Tuesday. Here are some of the talking points.

– Any time you can get a division win this time of year it’s a good thing. It wasn’t easy on Sunday, and they didn’t expect it to be.

– On to the injuries: Not in too bad of shape. Flozell Adams might be limited early on in the week and should be better this week. Bryant McFadden has a hamstring — has had one — but is still able to play. May limit him early. Troy’s situation will follow the same protocol it has the past couple of weeks. And it’s working. It’s your weekly “Aaron Smith is a week better.” Still optimistic about him returning this season at some point. “Day by day.”

Some other minor bumps and bruises: Anthony Madison has a knee contusion, Keyaron Fox hyperextended his elbow, should be fine. Heath Miller passed his concussion tests and is a full go for practice and is expected to play on Sunday.

– Stiff challenge this week from the Jets and both teams want to remain among the elite. Both teams need the win desperately and should provide a unique matchup. Tomlin likes their leadership with guys like Tony Richardson, Bart Scott, Ladanian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor. Also extremely talented. Referred to Sanchez as a “high draft pick and very talented.” Hey, Santonio Holmes plays for the Jets! Braylon Edwards another guy the Steelers are familiar with, another “talented high round draft pick.” Dustin Keller is a vertical threat and they also use their running backs quite a bit in the passing game. Nobody jumps off the page statistically because they use everybody. Very balanced.

– Defensively they’re going to bring pressure from every angle. It’s not heavy in any area, they spread out and get production from a number of people: They don’t have one James Harrison racking up all of the sacks. Tomlin is very impressed with Calvin Pace and how he jumps out on the tape. Not a lot needs to be said about what their cornerback tandem is capable of.

A lot to be excited about and a lot of work to do. “Such is life in the NFL.”

– Reaction to Troy’s lateral: We desire to educate our guys to situational football and it wasn’t a good situational maneuver.” He also cited Antonio Brown’s fumbled punt as something that wasn’t good situational football. But, in the end, they’re all better for it. You don’t want it to happen, but when it does you use it as a teaching tool.

– Nobody throws the ball to Revis’ side of the field. Tomlin joked he doesn’t know how good Revis is because he has no film on him because nobody throws at him.

– On the red zone offense: “We want to score touchdowns.”

– On why there’s been so many holding penalties: “We’ve been holding and we need to stop.”

– Anything he can do on Ben not getting protected: “No because I don’t have a flag.” Boom.

– When asked if Sanchez reminds him of anyone: “He’s his own man.” Plays with confidence and “mature beyond his years.”

– And for a moment of randomness: Ryan Clark just walked in, Tomlin stops mid-sentence and says, “Hi Ryan … Ryan Clark ladies and gentlemen.” Everyone chuckles.

– Tomlin was asked if he was a fan of Hard Knocks and he quickly and, almost with a hint of anger, says “I don’t watch it.” He’s then asked if he would have any interest in doing the show and he, again, quickly responds: “I have no interest in that at all. And I hope Art Rooney feels the same way.”

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  • Stephen

    I love Mike Tomlin.

  • RoB D

    Steelers..not about doing TV soap operas or having cheerleaders on the sidelines. Glad we still have that no frills identity.

    After a weekend of watching a lot of football, I think the Saints have the best and most balanced team in the league. NE is terrific on O obviously.but I think their D is sub grade. Don’t really believe Atlanta is as good as their record. And quite frankly, neither are the Steelers. They’ve earned their wins but I dont think they have the horses to compete against the big dogs like NO or NE. I might think better of them if we had Colon, Starks, Smith still in the lineup but they don’t. Nor do they have a healthy QB. Or the original kicking team we started the year with (although the replacements have been great).

    Course, this is exactly the type of situation where the Steelers seem to thrive and overachieve..and put egg on the face of guys like me. I sincerely hope they do. And I am not a big fan of eggs…wink..

    • drinkingclub

      Rob D,

      New Orleans does look good, and I expect they will be the top team in NFC come play-off time, and it would not surprise me to see them in the Super Bowl again. New England, well who needs a defense when you can score at will. If they ever get in a real tight game it may cost them. Am hoping that game is the AFC championship game with Steelers. we shall see.

      • Anonymous

        I’d like to see them play the Ravens first, in the Divisional Round. Maybe Haloti Ngata would bloody a certain someone’s nose, just for the entertainment value.

  • Ronbridges

    wow… good job Ryan Clark. I liked his answers. That’s also what I have always liked about Mike Tomlin, he always seems to say the absolute right thing. My wife’s only problem with Tomlin is she say’s he’s not animated enough on the sidelines. Example she gave was like when Ben is getting beat up and the refs aren’t doing a darn thing about it.

  • Ron

    Oh and I agree with her… he could be a little more animated when things like that happen.