Mike Tomlin Press Conference, Steelers-Browns: The Talking Points

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met with the media on Tuesday, and here are some of the key points.

– Injuries: Normal bumps and bruises. Bryant McFadden has a hip pointer and may be limited early in the week. LaMarr Woodley has some swelling in his left knee and could be limited early in the week, same thing for Jason Worilds, which may limit his participation on Sunday. Troy is improving and could play on Sunday, and if he’s healthy, he will. Aaron Smith is a week better and inching closer to practice participation and hopefully game participation.

– Excited about having the chance to end the season against a divisional opponent they respect, and they understand what’s at stake. Understand the Browns will be ready.

– Colt McCoy represented himself quite well in his debut against the Steelers according to Tomlin, and he continues to do the same thing (Gretz’s words: Not from what I saw on Sunday).

– Peyton Hillis does it all. He runs well, has a lot of catches and “a lot of football goes through Peyton Hillis in the Cleveland offense.”

– Defensively everyone with a helmet participates and that helps to keep them fresh. They do a variety of things and like to move Matt Roth around all over the defense. Very versatile defense. Tomlin is very impressed with Joe Haden, the rookie corner.

– Joshua Cribbs must always be dealt with whether it be on kick returns, punt returns, running back, wide receiver or wildcat quarterback.

– On how Tomlin sees the Steelers-Browns rivalry: “It is what it is.”

– What’s at stake right now is all the motivation the Steelers need for this game, and not what happened last year.

– Tomlin said McCoy didn’t necessarily struggle last week, he just needs to learn how to play against Ed Reed, like all quarterbacks need to do. “Good pocket presence and distributes the ball to a lot of people.”

– No similarities between the Browns and Jets defensively due to the Ryan brothers. Coaches cater the plans to the people they have.

– No “rookie wall” for Maurkice Pouncey, he, along with all of the other rookies, are actually improving.

– Mike Wallace still has some areas to improve, including detailed route running and coverage recognition. When asked if the touchdown against Carolina was more of what he wanted to see, Tomlin said, “I liked what I saw.”

– When asked if he got everything he wanted for Christmas, Tomlin laughed: “No.”

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