Mike Tomlin: Wired for Sound vs. Panthers

Just happened to stumble across this since I don’t usually watch NFL Network’s “Sound FX”.  The Steelers were featured in this week’s show, and thanks to the magic of the internet, you can catch most of it here.

The footage is from last Thursday’s Panthers matchup, although for some reason Tomlin’s best coaching job of the night — a serious conversation with Maurkice Pouncey about the importance of the team — isn’t included. Lucky for you, I’m willing to go the extra mile and I transcribed the monologue below:

Tomlin: Hey, look, why are you fighting when that clock’s running?

Pouncey: Ain’t nobody — that man–

Tomlin: Hey, look! Hey, look, man! Sometimes we got to put that personal pride aside when the cause is bigger than you. This cause is bigger than you, isn’t it? Isn’t it?!

Pouncey: Yeah.

Tomlin: We’re in the two-minute drill and that clock’s runnin’. The play clock’s runnin’ — look at me! — the play clock’s runnin’. You understand what I’m talking about? It’s a team, alright? Let’s go.

(Tomlin pats Pouncey on the chest …. and scene)

You can watch the rest of it here (or by clicking on the image below).

Some other highlights to look for:

“You know how to Dougie?”

“Get rid of it, Ben!” — Tomlin before a sack. Followed by “You gotta throw it away, Ben,” after Roethlisberger is sacked again, this time getting his face rearranged in the process. Although that led to this pricelessness from Ben after he managed to get to his feet: “Spittin’ up blood again.”

And possibly the quote of the evening, again courtesy of Tomlin: “Hey, Emmanuel. Hey, you come up here and watch Rashard get your money.”

I look at the clip — juxtaposed with how coaches like Mike Singletary and Brad Childress related to their players (or at the other end of the spectrum, Rex Ryan) — and I’m convinced the Rooney’s got exactly the right guy for the Steelers job.

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  • Alvlawre

    I thought his coaching was excellent and was also puzzled why it wasn’t included in the Sound FX video on NFL.com

    Minor corrections:

    You wrote: Why are you fighting when the clock’s running.
    Should be: While you’re fighting, the clock’s running.

    Adding: Maurkice Pouncey – “Hit he me in my face”

    You wrote: Mike Tomlin – “…it’s a team…”
    Should be: Mike Tomlin – “…it’s [about] the team…”

    Thanks for posting this. It’s cool to see someone other than myself was wondering why this clip is no where to be found.