Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– OK, so this is pretty awesome (I think so, anyway). You’re a mean one, Mr. Commish. [Benstonium]

– The latest Football Outsiders ratings are out and the Steelers are still No. 2 behind the New England Patriots and ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles. [Football Outsiders]

– Related to the above link, check out where Mike Wallace comes in for the wide receiver rankings. No. 3 just behind Brandon Lloyd and Andre Johnson. He’s also No. 1 on a per play basis. Our young speedster is all grown up. [Football Outsiders]

– Put your best football forward. [One For The Other Thumb]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Atwaan Randle El making the difficult look routine (and making the routine look difficult)…

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  • GeoB

    Did you see that Mike Wallace is #1 in their other stat, which they say is most value per play? Awesome.

  • SteelerBill

    Mr. Commish!!?? Hysterical!

  • Bob Costas

    I was just looking at the playoff scenarios at to figure out how I should be rooting this weekend.

    - I’m rooting for JAX, so that they will clinch their division (and all but eliminate Indy)
    - I’m rooting for KC, so that they will stay ahead of SD for the division lead
    - Obviously, I’m rooting against BAL (and NYJ)

    The only thing is that if BAL and JAX both lose and the Steelers win, then we essentially clinch a first round bye. So maybe we should root for a JAX loss. However, I’d rather make sure Indy doesn’t make the playoffs and wait for a likely win over Carolina to clinch the bye.

    The way I see it, only Indy, SD and NE are a threat to the Steelers defense. NE is already in, so I’m going to be rooting hard against Indy and SD. JAX and KC are probably the best matchup for the Steelers since they are run heavy offenses that are also probably the weakest pass rushing defenses.


      Agree on most of the points, perhaps just one clarification Indy is a threat to our defense only if we ae not talking about THIS year’s Colts. I’d rather face them than Pats, SD and Ravens. Indy is on the Jax / Chiefs level, capable of offering resistance, but by no means a an elite team, look at their issues on O-line, WR’s and Run D, and they are a very flawed team…regardless of Manning.

  • GlennW

    Bob Costas, I think I agree with your assessment of the IND and SD situations. Although both these teams as well as BAL also pose a threat to the Patriots, all having played New England tough this season (mostly before the Pats caught fire). I guess we should worry about our own business though.

    By the way, the Steelers clinch the AFC North with a win over the Jets and a Ravens loss to the Saints if only ONE of the following other results come in (thereby clinching our strength-of-victory tie-breaker over the Ravens):

    (ATL > SEA) | (TEN > HOU) | (CIN > CLE) | (OAK > DEN) | (ARI > CAR)

    In other words, we’d clinch. So why do I not feel that’ll be this easy? Yeah, because the Jets aren’t going to be, nor the Ravens for the Saints in Baltimore.

    • GlennW

      > The only thing is that if BAL and JAX both lose and the Steelers win, then we essentially clinch a first round bye. So maybe we should root for a JAX loss.

      Also, if PIT wins and BAL loses, there’s a 99%+ chance that the Steelers clinch a bye even if JAC wins (our schedule and SoV is much tougher/better than the Jaguars’).