Panthers vs. Steelers: Mornin’ Links & Game Thread

Can’t believe it’s already Week 16. A Panthers team somehow more banged up than the Steelers will be at Heinz Field tonight.  In the meantime, a few Steelers-related links:

– Troy’s out, Heath’s in tonight.

– Ryan Clark awaits word on the inevitable fine he will receive for leveling Braylon Edwards. [Tribune-Review]

– I love that Gerry Dulac spent a few hundred words on this matchup: Clausen vs. Farrior. [Post-Gazette]

– Dulac also writes that Panthers coach John Fox learned from Chuck Noll. [PG]

– A more detailed matchup breakdown from Behind the Steel Curtain [BTSC]

Not-so-random YouTubes: yep, that’s right, the Anthony Smith high-steppin’ interception against the Panthers from the 2006 season. A couple thoughts: Still love Dick LeBeau’s reaction. Deion Sanders: shut up.

Oh, one more thing: this is your game thread.

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  • Anonymous

    We will see the game here in Israel on ESPN satellite.

    Ben has played Carolina once, in Week 15 of 2006. He was 11 for 18 and 140 yards and one touchdown. Passer rating of 103.94

    Let me mention once again, that with the victory over Oakland, Ben has beaten every team in the NFL but Atlanta. Dallas in February beckons.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    We have the 5th best PPG net (points scored – points allowed) at +87. Carolina is the worst in the NFL at -167. Over 14 games, that 254 spread is 18.14. After our three losses, we’ve outscored our next three opponents by 90-34, or 18.67 PPG. If it wasn’t a short week, I’d be more confident that we’d stomp Carolina. Now, I’m just hoping for a modest victory and no more freaking injuries.