Steelers Lounge Podcast #22: Steelers-Ravens Recap — John L. Williams

Well, that was awesome. There seemed to be an immediate post-game consensus among Steelers Lounge writers and readers: that was the best Steelers regular-season victory anybody can remember.

Anyway, JJ and I continue the high-fiving this morning with a podcast. Enjoy.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #22: Steelers-Ravens Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Jason Armes

    Great game for sure!! Something that stuck out to me was it seemed after every passing play Ben would be hit, shoved, or pushed by a raven, reguardless if the ball had just been released or released 3-4 secs before the guy got to him. Maybe it happend to Flaco as well. I dont know.


  • Anonymous

    When you count the great wins, have you already forgotten Green Bay last year?

  • Mlwilliams7

    You’re right Jason. Where’s the protection for Ben from the officiating staff. I assume his stature lends to them feeling they don’t need to make the call. Perhaps because he manhandles linebackers and other pass rushers. There does have to be more consistency with the calls.
    I don’t like to see Ben hurt, but that twisted up bloodied nose harkens back to the Steel Curtain era. Reminded me of the days when Jack Lambert would come off the field looking like he just finished a boxing match.
    Truly Awesome!!!
    What a great game! Best I can recall since the Superbowl win.
    I was pacing around my living room the whole forth quarter screaming.
    No voice today.
    Here we go Steelers!!!!!!

  • Randy Steele

    Last night we saw the reason the Cardinals had given up on McFadden. It’s one thing to get beat, it’s another to commit stupid pointless penalties late in the action with the game on the line.

    In other words, BMac = Brain Missing in ACtion.

    Oh, and thanks for the shout-out, guys. And if you’d like another tip, how about including a quick snippet, “Unsung Hero of the Week”? (My vote from last night’s game: David Johnson.)

  • John S.

    Don’t know if you guys touched on it, won’t be able to listen till later today or tomorrow, but I legitimately thought Miller had broken his neck on that play. In the replay, his head appeared to go way too far in the wrong direction. Thank God he was okay, but that took a lot of the enjoyment out of the game for me. The fact that there was no flag on that (or on several of the hits Ben took to the head and/or face) furthered that lack of enjoyment.

    Glad they won, but seriously WTF NFL?

    Also, do you guys think that’s the end of Robo-Punter’s career as a Steeler?

  • ryan

    John S.,

    RE: ROBO-PUNTER, JJ brought up your exact question.

    RE: Heath — you know it’s an unbelievably bad hit when Terrell Suggs is giving Heath a pat on the butt as he walked off the field. I suspect the league will suspend Miller for allowing himself to be vulnerable there.

  • Dave Duncan

    As far as great wins, the 2008 33-10 win @NE was a game that sticks in my mind. Granted, it was Matt Cassel for NE at QB. 5 sacks, 5 turnovers.

  • Dr Obvious

    This link is required reading for Steeler’s Nation this week. Tyler Thigpen gets interviewed by the FO’s Farrar about the pistol.

  • David

    Soooooo, the NFL fines McClain $40K and Ngata $15K. Something still doesn’t seem right. Oh, I know, the two flags that weren’t thrown!

  • Dean Keaton
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