Steelers Lounge Podcast #25: Jets-Steelers Preview — Ryan Clark

This is a huge game for any number of reasons. Here’s to hoping Weeks 13 and 14 Mark Sanchez shows up at Heinz Field Sunday.

In the meantime, JJ, Gretz and I fire up the Skype machine and talk about the matchup. Enjoy.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #25: Jets-Steelers Preview

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Mike L

    Troy’s out?

    • Randy Steele

      Probably, but Dale Lolley has written that he has a sneaking suspicion that Troy will play. That said, if he’s hurt, I’m not sure we want Polamalu to risk making his any injury worse. There’s still a lot of football to play.

  • Randy Steele

    Revis on Wallace? Not likely. Revis has struggled with hamstring issues all season and has played well but not exactly All-World so far, especially in cold weather. (I see a lot of Jets game where I live.) Figure it will be Cromartie on Wallace most of the time.

    But will Ben be throwing bombs to Wallace all day? Sad to say, not likely. With that meager O-line of his, Ben doesn’t have enough time in the pocket to make those throws. He he does try it, he will be rolling out or improvising. And with his bad wheel, that doesn’t sound too promising.

    If Heath Miller is in the game, and it looks like he will be, Ben will probably try lots of three-step drops and quick strikes not only to him, but also to Ward and Wallace. Manny Sanders, if he holds onto the ball, will make a big catch sometime during the game.

    Also watch for more William Gay on blitz packages. The Steelers’ D has had surprising success with that play.

    Here’s a question: Would Mark Sanchez be the starting QB on more than half the NFL teams right now? Maybe, given all the injured guys out there, but it would be close.

    D’Brickashaw Fergerson, is greatly over-rated as a left tackle, I think. Yes, he’s more than adequate, but not worth the draft choice and money the Jets invested in him. As a whole, the Jets’ O-line is suffering mightily, a problem with which we’re well acquainted.

    I can see Sanchez getting mauled on Sunday, a least I hope that’s what we’ll see. However, I have this unsettling feeling that the refs are going to insert themselves into the outcome of this game.

    Whew… okay, I’m worn out.

    • ryan

      Here’s a question: Would Mark Sanchez be the starting QB on more than half the NFL teams right now?


      Also: I’d also love to see Sanchez get mauled if for no other reason than to avoid the “HE FOUND HIS POISE” proclamations that would inevitably follow.