Steelers-Ravens Recap: Greatest Win Ever?

OK, it may not be the greatest game in NFL history. But man, if you’re a Steelers’ fan, it’s hard to remember many more fun than this one.

The Steelers have won six Super Bowls. They’ve pulled off the greatest play in NFL history with the Immaculate Reception. So when you throw around superlatives with the Steelers, you have to be careful to not dip into hyperbole.

But if you are ranking the gutsiest wins in Steelers history, tonight’s win over the Ravens will have to rank in the top three–for me it’s No. 1 in the post-Noll era. I’d love to hear anyone suggestion of a better one.

This is the kind of game that usually ends up as a gallant loss. Once Flozell Adams and Heath Miller limped to the locker room, it would have been no huge shame to have lost a close game.

Instead Pittsburgh somehow figured out how to win a game in which they were playing their fourth and fifth-string offensive tackles, asking a kicker to punt, and trying to figure out goal line formations with only one tight end (their third string TE).

You can’t pick out one play or one player to praise. Troy Polamalu’s sack/strip obviously was crucial. Ben Roethlisberger’s stiff arm to buy enough time to avoid a Terrell Suggs sack is the difference between winning and losing. And Isaac Redman’s catch and run for the game-winning touchdown was a thing of beauty.

But you have to even credit Jonathan Scott. The Steelers’ left tackle was absolutely unable to block Terrell Suggs, but play after play he kept doing the best he could do to slow down Suggs, and he very, very rarely got any help. It was ugly. It was awful at times, but with some help from Roethlisberger’s mobility, Scott did just enough for Pittsburgh to win.

A couple of other thoughts:

* Is there any doubt that Mike Wallace is the Steelers’ No. 1 receiver now? It wasn’t spectacular, but five catches for 76 yards was an impressive effort with Roethlisberger struggling to find time.

* The Steelers’ passing attack is much more impressive now that Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown are the No. 3 and No. 4 wide receivers. The two combined for six catches for 75 yards, and it’s fair to say the Steelers don’t win this game without them.

* Anyone upset with the decision to cut Skippy and sign Skinny Skippy? Shaun Suisham made two field goals (including a 45-yarder) and even did a decent job as a fill-in punter when Daniel Sepulveda went down with a knee injury.

* With the exception of a gimpy Bryant McFadden, that was an impressive effort by the Steelers’ defense. They generated pressure, they completely eliminated the Ravens’ running game, and when it mattered, they stepped up and provided the big play for an offense that was too banged up to do it themselves.

What a great win. Pittsburgh now needs to just win the games they should win (Cleveland, Cincinnati and Carolina) to clinch the division. A win against the Jets would just be a nice bonus.

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  • Cols714

    Robo punter his gone with an ACL injury. Time to call Mitch Berger I guess and then draft a durable punter next year.

    • Mlwilliams7

      Way to celebrate a great win by doing nothing but complaining about the loss of our punter.

    • Mlwilliams7

      Way to celebrate a great win by doing nothing but complaining about the loss of our punter.

  • Anonymous

    The gutsiest win in recent memory would have to be Super Bowl XLIII if the importance of the game receives much weight. Not that this game wasn’t important. The division and playoff seeding were on the line, and the Steelers had to overcome many injuries and come from behind, so this was certainly a very gutsy win. But, man, the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl.

    P.S. I vote against the “Skinny Skippy” moniker. If Suisham needs a nickname he deserves one that doesn’t play off another’s.

    P.P.S. I also do not care for “Bronco Legursky.”

  • RoB D

    Robo..he’s pretty fragile for a punter but that non kicking leg has always been trouble for him. We need a new guy next year for sure. Too bad..he’s great when he’s healthy.

    It was a great game. To win with virtually every area of the team hurting was more than impressive. When Essex came in , I groaned so loudly my friend was freaked out..was I going to have that heart attack that is inevitable given my STeelers ability to control my central nervous system during games? Nope. But it was an epic groan…lol..Thankfully , not even Essex could spoil the mojo of this game. Talk about a fist fight. this was exactly the type of game us old timers remember with the Raiders in the 70`s. I am completely drained..

    YOu could analyse what they did wrong and the mistakes made but it would seem petty given the faces who were in the game by the end. I don’t know how you can not be inspired by this win if you are a Steelers fan. EVery qualtiy we ascribe to our team was on display tonight, toughness, never say die, resoluteness under extreme duress…its STeeler football this game and you’ll understand why we love them so much.

    IF they don’t win it all this year..I will not be happy..but I will understand. They gave every thing they had and came up short. OK. I can deal with it.

    If we can EVER get healthy this year we are a dangerous opponenet for anyone..

    NIte all

  • Mlwilliams7

    Great win! I love beating the Ravens. Thugs.
    So far not enough mentioned about how much McFadden sucks.
    WTF. He is the worst.
    I’m not just being critical of this game, every week he blows coverage.
    He’s just horrible.
    I can’t say enough bad things about him.
    Please help.

    • Wildbill99

      McFadden was one hell of an asset in our defense and deserves some credit for his past play. lets send our steelers on with a appreciation that ONLY steeler nation can provide. Unless we just want to be like THOSE other teams.

      • Mlwilliams7

        As part of the Steeler nation, we should not grow complacent with the agonizingly bad play of a defensive player. The Steelers pride themselves in excellence in defense. I don’t see an ounce of excellence from McFadden. Why after a great pass rush and awesome play by our linebackers should we be satisfied by the lack of ability this guy has in covering anyone.
        Yes the interference call was not fair.
        Yes, we had an awesome game and my throat still hurts this morning.
        But don’t assume my being critical of a players bad performance week after week is being a bad fan or as you put it “One of Those”.
        What’s the point of a forum if you can’t be critical???
        McFadden falls way short of being an asset. Stop feeling sorry for him.
        We need a new corner. Polamalu can’t cover all of the secondary as great as he is.

  • Wildbill99

    Great game this is always the best game of the season NFL inclusive (better than the SB)

    As much as I despise Ben I almost feel bad for all the negative things I speak about him after his performance last night. But for know I’ll hold back.

    • Mlwilliams7

      Why not use that energy towards despising a player worthy of criticism like McFadden???
      Just try it for this week while you hold back.

  • Carl Natale

    Peter King writes something none of us really want to read: “Troy Polamalu was the last Steeler left in the shower early this morning, and Mike Tomlin was feeling frisky.” (Must be the hair.)Then he quickly takes it out of the gutter: “Hey, Troy!” Tomlin yelled into the shower, according to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “You in there washing your hair? Take your time! I ain’t leaving you, baby!”http://sportsillustrated.cnn.c