What Steelers Related Gifts Did You Get This Holiday Season?

Now that Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Festivus, or whatever you may celebrate) is behind us, it’s time to share our Steelers related gifts with the rest of the class. Sort of like a cyber game of show and tell.

I’ll start…

My younger brother gave me a mini Steelers helmet autographed by Greg Lloyd because … well, why the hell not?

My aunt and uncle also gave me two framed pictures of me looking crazed and drunk that they took during Super Bowl XLIII, including moments after the game-winning touchdown. Good times.

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  • RoB D

    Got not a single thing Steeler related. Exciting times.

    • Rambis

      Got an ashtray (not that I smoke, but still…okay, we’ll call it a large square glass plate) that’s sort of decopaged (sp?) with a variety of Steelers pictures – shots of various unis, posters, Steelers goods, football cards (including David Trout!), and a bunch of other stuff. Hard to describe but very cool. Also two Steelers tumblers for BBQ days during spring and fall (in Phoenix you don’t BBQ during summer unless you want to be more well done than the steaks).

      My wife found the stuff at http://www.etsy.com, which is sort of an artisan’s central site that is searchable. She said there’s a ton of Steelers stuff on there, like handknit Steelers cheerleader dolls for the little girls in our lives (both real little girls and Bengals fans).

  • Ted

    I received two Steeler books – Steel Dynasty: The Team that Changed the NFL by Bill Chastain, and The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Heart-pounding, Jaw-dropping and Gut-wrenching Moments from Pittsburgh Steelers History.

    I also received a nice $ gift card from Barnes and Nobles, and I will use part of it to buy Wexell’s latest book: Steeler Nation, A Pittsburgh Team, An American Phenomenon.

    In addition, I also received two official Myron Cope Terrible Towels (you can never have too many and they tend to get lost), a 2011 Steelers calendar for the office, and (a unique gift) in a Troy Polamalu ornament for my Festivus pole. Overall, a pretty nice Steeler haul.

  • RoB D

    Ted, you made out like a bandit.

    The Wex book is excellent BTW. REally enjoyed it. Hope you’ll give a mini review or 2 of the other books in your haul.

    I am still comtemplating buying a replica Steelers jersey if my gift from a certain family member ever arrives…lol..cold hard cash! Then it will be off to nfl.com to find that Aaron Smith I covet…

    • Ted

      Thanks for reassuring me on the Wex book. That is the fourth good review I have heard from someone who read it.

      Also forgot that I got a Steelers headset for the driverside of my car. Looks and feels great.

      Have already finished about 50 pages of the Chastain book and it reads very well. Not a whole lot of new info yet for a Steeler diehard, but is well-organized and features lots of recent quotes, although they are familiar stories from the great storytellers (Bleier, Russell, etc.). The cool thing so far was a lot of info on Noll’s stint as an assistant under Shula, with lots of quotes from Shula.

      • RoB D

        I love to hear from the older coaches and legends of the game. Shula was the standard for coaches before Noll started winning SB’s. I remember how he said that the only reason he coached for as long as he did is that he realized the NFL had changed and that having a franchise QB was going to be all important. That Marino guy….hee hee.. How right he was. The Steelers finally learned that after many AFCCG losses.

  • steelerjunky

    I received 3 steelers jerseys Harrison (white) Troy and Bens. My grandson (he is 5 got 2) Troys and Heaths. Troys was the throw back with yellow #s.

  • Randy Steele

    I got butkus, and by that I mean dick, but I don’t mean Dick Butkus.

  • Randy Steele

    I stole this from Dale Lolley’s blog. It’s the list of teams the Steelers will be playing next season, which will change if the NFL goes to an 18-game schedule.

    “The Steelers will host Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New England, Seattle and St. Louis.

    “They will travel to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, San Francisco and Arizona.”

    • Ted

      Randy, that sked. is not set and is assuming we win the AFC North. Otherwise, we will play the Jets and Chargers instead of NE and KC. Love having the NFC West, but hate having the AFC South, which has no guaranteed wins.

      Also, my understanding is that the most likely (short-term) switch to the 18 would be simply adding another 2 games in conference versus teams from the divisions you are not fully playing.

      Currently, the No. 1 team from the AFC North would play the No. 1 team from the AFC East and AFC West, with the No. 2 team from the North playing the No. 2 team from those divisions, etc. The proposal I read somewhere (?) said that the No. 1 and No. 2 teams from each division would play those finishers from the non-rotating intra-conference divisions. In other words, the Steelers and Ravens would both face the Chargers, Chiefs, Pats and Jets, while the Bengals and Browns each get the Dolphins, Bills, Raiders and Broncos. That murderous slate and an 18-game sked. in general would be a killer for our old, injury-prone team.

      • Ted

        Instead, I would prefer adding rivals from the other conference. Give the Steelers the Cowboys (for obvious reasons – tradition) and the Eagles (in-state), although I would prefer someone easier for the second traditional rivals game. Another option is one annual rival from the other conference and another that rotates based on division standings.

      • Randy Steele

        Thanks for clearing that up.

  • SteelerBill

    Love Wex’ book Ted – you will too…

    I did get a Steeler Chia Pet sorta thing….(my family refuses to buy me any more Steeler stuff because I buy it myself and have plenty of ‘black and gold’)

  • http://www.expensiccino.com Carl Natale

    The good news is that I got a Hines Ward (black) jersey. The bad news is that the tag says I have to keep smiling when I wear it. :)