LaMarr Woodley Is Getting His Hurries

Maybe LaMarr Woodley has been more effective than we think.

On the Ravens’ preview podcast, Ryan, Gretz and I mentioned how we hoped Woodley would have a big game against the Ravens, and how he’d seemed somewhat disappointing as a pass rusher.

But that was before I saw these stats. Football Outsiders has a team of volunteers that chart each and every game. And among their stats they log are quarterback hits, hurries and who induces holding calls.

According to FO’s stats, Woodley is fourth in the league in quarterback hurries this year in addition to his 6.5 sacks. Through the first 10 games of the season, Woodley is averaging 2.4 hurries per game. James Harrison is averaging 1.8 hurries per game (tied for 15th in the league).

Harrison also ranked third in the league in holding penalties induced (six this season) and he ranks in the top 20 in quarterback hits.

If Pittsburgh is going to beat the Ravens, they need Harrison and Woodley to keep Joe Flacco uncomfortable. It’s something they have managed to do in the past, and they will be helped by the fact that Michael Oher is banged up. The player I’ll be watching is Woodley — if he can beat Marshal Yanda consistently, it will go a long way toward beating Baltimore.

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  • steelerjunky

    Amen to that

  • Randy Steele

    That’s one of the more suprising statistics I’ve read about the Steelers this year. (And I thought Lamarr had gotten fat and lazy.)

  • Dave Duncan

    It will be interesting to see how they use Woodley tomorrow. I’m going to guess that Baltimore is going to start with passes to the flat (Woodley’s side). Obviously, I don’t like to see LaMarr in pass coverage. But I’d expect Oher to try and handle Harrison alone, which then Balt. may line up Heap to the right and run some routes to the flat.

  • Cobra

    I’m sorry JJ, but pressures is not getting the job done IMO.

    Sacks and hits what matter and it’s time for Woodley to start stepping it up a bit.

    • Joblo

      actually, considering what DIck Lebeau said you’re wrong. Basically pressure and forcing the qb to make a play he doesnt want to is much more preferred regardless of how it is done (pressure or sack).

  • dennisonschili

    I don’t care what Woodley does for most the season as long as he transforms into that same playoff monster. He has proven to be better down the stretch.