Is Ben Roethlisberger Still Overlooked?

Where does Ben Roethlisberger rank among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL?

As a Steelers fan, it’s hard to be impartial on Roethlisberger’s status among the league’s top-tier quarterbacks. We all bring our own biases into play, so I’ve often wondered if my disgust at Roethlisberger not being included in the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers (and now) Aaron Rodgers class of the NFL’s best, is rational or influenced by my love of the black and gold.

So when I see a story like the one Jason Cole wrote for Yahoo this weekend, it makes me feel a whole lot better. Apparently, Steelers fans aren’t the only ones wondering if Roethlisberger is being overlooked.

Cole talked to several NFL experts, including a couple of ex-quarterbacks turned analysts. And he spells out several reasons why Roethlisberger is overlooked, led by the fact that he doesn’t put up the fantasy numbers that some other quarterbacks do. The analysts came away thinking that it’s wrong not to include him among the NFL’s elite.

Trent Dilfer explained it best:

“I watched 20 of his games. I took two days and watched him really play, studied what they were trying to do and really came away understanding how great this guy is,” Dilfer said. “I appreciate what he does now. He takes poise to a whole different level. By poise, I mean that we all know what it’s like to stare down a pass rusher and deliver the ball. I get that. But with him, you have a defensive lineman dragging you down and he’s still reading coverage. It’s unreal.”

Roethlisberger may never put up the gaudy yardage numbers of some other quarterbacks, but his yards per attempt have always been among the elite (something Cold, Hard Football Facts has explained consistently).

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  • ryan

    Well, when you have clowns like Tom Jackson talking about of both sides of their mouth, or Marshall Faulk explaining that the “Jets can run on the Steelers which means that Dick LeBeau can’t use his fancy defenses,” it’s clear that the word “analyst” has no meaning. At this point, it’s almost pejorative as “blogger.”

  • Indysteelers

    Phillip Rivers one of the best in the NFL? I almost blew out a lung laughing so hard. But I guess if you are a fantasy football person I guess I could see how someone might think that. In the real world however he is just a bunch of bloated stats. I will take Sanchez over Rivers. If it were not for the Colts Rivers would only have one play off win and in one of the games against the Colts Volek had to bring the Chargers from b behind to win. Sanchez, in just two seasons he has been to the AFC Championship game twice and though he is not the best passer in the league he can make clutch plays like he has done several time this season to Holmes and he is 4-1 in the playoffs in just two seasons. Anyway, I am not a guy who dabbles in the world of fantasy football, I just watch the real football were the only thing that counts are wins and losses. Rivers has been in the NFL for 7 seasons (as long as Ben has been) and his playoff stats? 7 games played, 3 wins,4 losses, 8 td, 9 int and a passer rating of just 79. Looks like the next Favre to me. Like Bill Cowher once said, “stats are for losers.”

  • steeler fan in cowboy country

    Just win. Winning takes care of everything. Especially if they beat the Jets after they beat Manning and Brady.
    Go Steelers!