James Harrison Takes Over (Video)

I remember a play earlier this season, when Albert Haynesworth — the $100 million albatross for the Washington Redskins — was blocked, went to the ground, and instead of getting back up and re-joining the play, opted to remain on the ground doing … well … nothing. In the fourth quarter of Saturday’s epic at Heinz Field, James Harrison was in a similar situation. After attempting to strip-sack Joe Flacco and falling to the ground, Harrison instantly jumped back up, re-joined the play, and chased Flacco out of bounds for his third sack of the game. It’s the little things, people.

Here’s James Harrison doing what James Harrison does: Messing people up.

This next sack was, I thought, one of the turning points in the game. It was the first play after the Steelers cut the deficit to 21-14, the Renegade video had played, the crowd was going bonkers, and then Harrison runs over Willis McGahee and drops Flacco. It was almost as if Harrison and the defense said, “look, guys … we got this.”

Good times.

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  • Anonymous

    No daily thread, so I’ll just put this here.

    At half time, I really like what I’m seeing in the Jets at Patriots game. I like the Steelers chances against the Jets, and if the Patriots come back and win (which I actually think is still the more likely outcome) the Jets defense is feeling out the cracks in the Patriots offense and putting them on video for all to see.

  • drinkingclub

    Anybody else find it odd that Flacco didn’t try to throw the ball away before going out of bounds? I thought Harrison had a pretty good game by Harrison standards which are pretty high.

    • Anonymous

      I found it odd at first. But a person I was watching with thought that pursuit was so close Flacco couldn’t have raised the ball to throw without risking a fumble. I’m not sure I concur, but it’s plausible.