Mike Tomlin Press Conference, Steelers-Jets: The Talking Points

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met with the media on Tuesday, and here are some of the key points.

– What the Jets have done so far is nothing short of remarkable, going to Indianapolis and New England and winning. Steelers very familiar with them having already played them — and lost — at Heinz Field. Two-headed running back attack with Tomlinson and Green that is very effective. Sanchez is a growing, developing franchise quarterback with some weapons that he utilizes. Dustin Keller is a difficult matchup, while they’ve also spent some time looking at what Jerrico Cotchery does for them in the slot. Top quality guys on the line. “Nick Mangold is the standard at center play in the NFL.”

A ton of looks on defense and they used most of them on Sunday against New England. That’s the staple of Rex Ryan’s defense. Shaun Ellis had a huge game against the Patriots, but they received quality play from everybody, including linebackers David Harris and Bart Scott.

Revis and Cromartie allow a lot of those things to happen with their ability to lock down the football field.

– Injuries: “We’re in great shape.”

Jonathan Scott is going to be alright, Will Allen has a knee sprain and will be limited early on. Bryant McFadden will be limited early on. Same plan for Troy as the past couple of weeks. Aaron Smith will practice and they’ll see where he’s at as the week goes on.

– “We need to stop Brad Smith from going 97 yards. That would be a good start.”

– Even if Aaron Smith is ready to play, he won’t start. It will be as a complimentary role. “It would be nice to add that tool to the tool box.”

– Troy missing the first Jets game was not an excuse for losing. “We have one standard and that standard is winning. Last time we played they beat us.”

– Tomlin on Rex Ryan: “I love Rex. He has a lot of fun with you guys, but when you see past all of those things he’s a great football coach.” “His glass is always half full and I appreciate that.” “Our styles are probably pretty close, he just has more fun with you guys.”

– On the crowd: “We anticipate it being a similar environment this weekend and we’re going to need that support from our fans.”

– On the rookie class: “They’re doing OK.”

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