Morning Links (and Daily Thread): Video Friday Edition…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– First things first: who ya got? (In a shocking development, JJ, Adam and I picked the Steelers on the podcast.)

– I can not tell you how much I love Dick LeBeau. In fact, I didn’t think I could love him more … and then I saw this. It’s NFL Network’s Sound FX from the Ravens-Steelers AFC Divisional game and at some point after halftime LeBeau, standing in front of his defense, speaks frankly: “These guys can’t score on us without some fluky shit.” This should be on a t-shirt. [NFL Network's Sound FX]

– JJ spoke with SNY TV about the Jets-Steelers get-together. The analysis, as always, is spot-on, although I’m particularly fond of JJ’s Janet Jackson headset. [SNY TV]

– In case we haven’t beaten you over the head with it in the last 15 minutes, here’s the Jets-Steelers preview podcast. And if you’re tired of hearing us flap our gums, Three Rivers Burgh Blog got Nick from and Chris from together for a preview podcast. [Three Rivers Burgh Blog]

– It’s easy to make fun of ESPN because, well, they’re easy targets. But I’ve read a few of Elizabeth Merrill’s recent columns and they’re really good. Here’s her latest on Big Ben trying to reinvent himself. This was hysterical: “He kind of had an arrogance to him,” Willie Colon said. “I’m a Bronx New York kid. We don’t get star-struck. I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t sold on the whole Big Ben thing.” [ESPN]

– Cold Hard Football Facts, writing on, love the Steelers Sunday. []

the tomlin glare

– Something else that needs to be on a t-shirt: Mike Tomlin’s face as he stares a hole through ESPN’s Bob Holtzman. You can read the backstory here (or watch the hilarity unfold here, about 1:35 in), but the bottom line is this: Holtzman is an idiot. And, yes, the two unnamed Steelers are better off keeping their mouths shut, but it’s not like this is Holtzman’s first day on the job.

That said, I give the dude credit for showing up to the press conference and serving up that hanging curveball to Tomlin on national television. Well done, numbnuts. []

– Alan Paul writes about what it’s like being a Steelers fan in Beijing. [WSJ]

– I think we can all agree that Colin Cowherd is a douche, but I laughed out loud at this. “The Steelers are GWAR. They actually eat people.” [Blog 'n' Gold]

And that leads to this (via OFTOT):

– It was only a matter of time: “Steelers announce Wiz Khalifa will perform ‘Black and Yellow’ on field before AFC Title Game.” [Twitter]

– YouTube Magic: because, let’s be honest, you can’t watch it enough this time of year:

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  • Kvnfaber

    You know what I was thinking after watching the “Ravens version” of renegade multiple times on youtube? Do you think Jow Flacco was affected at all by the highlights of him getting embarrassed multiple times on the jumbo screen? Especially with the audio playing of Polamalu intercepting him to cap of the 08′ AFC title game. I mean common sense says he paid no attention and it had no effect on the game, but he looked like he had his tail between his legs and was whining for his mommy the rest of the game!

  • Stephen

    Dick LeBeau. Enough said.

    But if you want to see what I think is the more impressive LeBeau sideline highlight from the Ravens game, it’s here:—AFC-Divisional-Round/91641d81-883f-44c4-a1c5-af10b699ad00

    LeBeau demands three turnovers in the second half from his D and goddammit, he’s gonna get them.

    • ryan

      Holy hell, that was awesome. Just tweeted the link out.

    • Warriorblitz

      at the very end of that video when MT is congratulating all the players and calls Ben the “Raven Killer” it sounds like Ben replies “I told you not to worry.” That is a badass reply.

  • RoB D

    I have a tentative prediction for this game.

    If they don’t clean up the mistakes (false starts, return holds and penalties, jumping on piles late (Kemo),overall discipline (Ward, Ike,) ST’s gaffes like holding and fielding balls at the 7 yard line with little chance to advance it) you can flip a coin on the winner in this one. And they should win this game by 10pts if they manage to clean them up.

    It’s time they pulled it all together and played a full 60 minutes of near mistake free football with professional execution. They have the vet players, the coaching and the history of success behind them to do that.I’m overjoyed they are in the position they are..but I want to see them put first halves like the Ravens game well behind them.

    I think they will.

    Steelers 24 Jets 13

  • countertorque

    I will go with the Steelers, 28-24