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A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Back in 2005 I had a chance to buy a ticket for Super Bowl XL in Detroit for somewhere in the neighborhood of $800. For whatever reason, I turned it down. In hindsight, that’s looking like a horrible decision because that’s probably the best chance a person can get. Not only the price, but also the location (I’ve been to Detroit before, it’s like a four and a half hour drive). Taking a quick look around StubHub and the cheapest ticket for sale this year is around $2,400. The face value price for a ticket has pretty much doubled over the past five years. Doubled.

– Pretty big news here: Chris Kemoeatu says Maurkice Pouncey isn’t playing in the Super Bowl. Honestly, with the way this season has gone it doesn’t surprise me. This team has been nothing but a never-ending line of players stepping up (“the standard is the standard,” as Mike Tomlin would say) and finding a way to get the job done. You have one more game to do it. As Bluto said in Animal House: “Let’s do it.” [Tribune-Review]

– Ryan linked to it yesterday in his post on the Steelers rookie wide receivers, but here it is again. How the Steelers used the Santonio Holmes trade to acquire Antonio Brown. [Me at FanHouse]

– I wrote maybe four articles yesterday of varying lengths and felt like it was a productive day.  By comparison Bruce Arians spends 90 hours a week preparing for an opponent. I feel like such a slacker [Craig Wolfley's Site]

– Consistently one of the most entertaining game recaps in the Steelers blogosphere comes from One For The Other Thumb. Here’s your AFC Championship edition. This one features adorable pictures of puppies, Men Without Hats, and the Cookie Monster. [One For The Other Thumb]

– ESPN’s Chris Mortensen  said on Wednesday that there was a very real chance that Dick LeBeau would leave the Steelers after this season, presumably to take the same job with the Arizona Cardinals. LeBeau was having none of that and instantly squashed it saying that if he’s coaching next season it’s going to be with the Pittsburgh Steelers. [NFL Network]

– And for your random YouTube of the day: Some fine citizen had their camera rolling when Ike Taylor and William Gay teamed up to score a touchdown in the AFC Championship game.

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  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    If Pouncey really is out, I wonder if Hartwig has kept in shape and could back up Ligursky.

    • Stillerfan

      That’s not going to happen.

  • DC in ATL

    The video is helpful in seeing how the Steelers schemed this blitz.

    Farrior faked a blitz up the middle and then quickly covered a receiver in the slot to Sanchez’ left (who Sanchez probably thought was covered by Gay). Sanchez never seriously considered throwing to his left.

    Harrison lined up on the inside, and quickly covered a receiver in the slot to the right.

    Timmons dropped back and covered the WR to the right (Edwards?) while McFadden dropped back deep. I think McFadden’s action was an attempt to lure Sanchez into looking to the right, while being blitzed by Taylor and Gay on Sanchez’ blind side.

    I don’t see Polamalu, but I suspect he started deep, and then when Taylor moved forward into the line, slid over to cover Holmes.

    Gay and Taylor did a nice stunt on their blitz at the line, to free up Taylor to come in free.

    Finally…who exactly was Sanchez throwing to? Timmons had Edwards covered underneath and was in a prime postition to intercept the pass. Harrison had decent coverage on the slot receive on that side (Keller?) but the angle Sanchez appeared to be throwing was toward Edwards. Neither receiver on that side appeared to be ready to come back to the pass.

    I’m sure the Packers looked at this, and I’m betting Lebeau will have something for them they haven’t seen yet. Something else to consider…the Packers have played against a 3-4 defense 5 times this year, and only won two of those games.

  • John S.

    A lot of the ticket price problem is (1) the matchup – 2 fan bases that are heavily dispersed across the country and willing to travel and (2) the stadium — Jerry already charges abnormally high prices and scalpers are inflating accordingly.

    On point one, you think there’s a chance the cheeseheads might outnumber the Steelers fans significantly? Super high prices, third Super Bowl in six years. A lot of Steelers fans may just cash in and stay home.

  • Anonymous

    On the Holmes deal: it looks like a good deal now, Ted. Not saying they couldn’t have gotten a better one, but the Steelers weren’t going to sign Holmes in free agency, so they gave up 12-15 games of Holmes for Brown (big upside) and getting McFadden back to solidify the corner.

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  • David

    Mortensen is an idiot. He used to provide good info. Now he’s National Inquirer level.

    As for Sanchez’s attempted pass, he was going for the double-move, home-run to his right. I have no idea who the receiver was. Edwards?

    • DC in ATL

      I see that now,thanks.

      That could have been a disaster for the Jets as well since McFadden was in a position to respond to a deep pass to either of the receivers on the right. Timmons and Harrison covered them underneath so Sanchez didn’t have a lot of room for success.

      Here’s hoping we get a nice video of big defensive Steeler play that we can dissect after the Super Bowl.

      • Anonymous

        I vote for a 1st and goal at the one Casey Hampton interception and 109 touchdown yard runback on the final play of the game to put the Steelers up 65-0.

        • DC in ATL

          Reminds me of Andy Russell’s 90+ fumble return for a TD against the Colts in the playoffs in either 1975 or 1976. Supposedly the longest/slowest return for TD in the history of the NFL, according to his teammates. One of them (not sure who…Dwight White?) claimed that it took so long that NBC broke for commercial around the time Russell got to mid-field and came back as he scored……

  • Anonymous

    How is this for a rallying cry:


    • ryan

      Somebody needs to put that on a t-shirt.

  • Randy Steele

    Post-Gazette reports that Pouncey has a broken bone in his foot. So that’s that.

  • ryan

    DOUGIE LEGURSKY TIME! Actually, JJ’s most recent o-line analysis doesn’t paint a pretty picture of Dougie’s performance but you know what? We’re all conditioned to sub-par o-line play. To quote Laird: “It is what it is.”

  • Huss

    Ticket prices are starting to fall -$1890 is the cheapest on stub hub. Hope there aren’t more Packer Fans.

    I live in Fort Worth- the Star Telegram had an article in last Sunday’s paper before the Jets game saying that Fort Worth should root for the Steelers because of how many people we would bring. They were saying that we would have people packed downtown during the game.