Morning Links (and Daily Thread)

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Just in case you missed it: by thumping the Browns, the Steelers win the AFC North, get a first-round bye, and don’t play again until Saturday, January 15.

– AFC North Champions. Steelers 41, Browns 9. [Three Rivers Burgh Blog]

– “After allowing the Cleveland Browns to rush for 43 yards on 17 carries in Sunday’s 41-9 victory, the Steelers set a franchise record for allowing the fewest yards rushing in a season (1,004) and fewest yards per game (62.8).” [Post-Gazette]

– The teams the Steelers will face in 2011 are now set: On the road: San Francisco, Arizona, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Houston and the three AFC North opponents. At home: Tennessee, Seattle, St. Louis, Jacksonville, New England and their three division opponents. [Post-Gazette]

– ESPN’s AFC North dude, James Walker, writes that the Steelers “Are well positioned for a Super Bowl run.” [ESPN]

– We went on for more than an hour with our final regular season podcast. [Steelers Lounge]

– RT @dj_85: On the bus on the way back to Pittsburgh, check out my roommate @ired33 rocking the gear [David Johnson, Twitter]

– RT @OFTOT: Colt McCoy’s day summarized in one picture - [One for the Other Thumb, Twitter]

– Random Tubes: Found this on the PPG’s Blog ‘n Gold: the Renegade lip dub video, courtesy of Chartiers Valley High School Class of 2011:

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  • David

    Rob D, I agree about Fouts. He’s the best on CBS (and Fox). I’ll take Gus Johnson and Dan Fouts for every Steeler game.

  • ryan

    You know, I thought Fouts did a solid job this year, too. And Gus and Fouts would be spectacular. I love how CBS takes their best play-by-play guy and regularly assigns him to games nobody sees. And instead we get sanctimonious Jim Nantz. Makes sense.

  • David

    Ryan, agreed. He even took it to the Browns–”why kick the FG when this is the last game of the season and you’re down 14-0?”

    I was OK with that decision, though.

  • David

    BTW, any news on Pouncey?

  • ryan


    I heard somewhere (maybe NFLN) Sunday night that Pouncey just had a stinger. I think Eddie B. wrote this morning that Pouncey was hit in the head, although I didn’t see it on the replay.

    • David

      I saw it. Rogers grabbed Pouncey’s jersey after the play and shoved him down.

      It’s kind of at odds with the PK story on how Rogers let up on that BAL longsnapper after he injured his knee.

  • Anonymous

    Just had this pointed out to me. On the Randle El to Ward pass, watch Roethlisberger after the pitch.

  • John S.

    What are folks thoughts on Holmgren taking the reigns of the Browns? After the Seattle Super Bowl, I think it could be pretty fun to hear Holmgren have to come up with excuses on a weekly basis for losing.

  • ryan

    John S: agreed. JJ mentioned it on the podcast last night, but one rumored name to replace Mangini is Marty Mornhinweg, a fine OC, but a pretty awful head coach. I predict that, just like Dick Cheney chairing the VP search committee in 2000, Holmgren will end up naming himself head coach. And I’m fine with that, too.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Argh, Disqus ate a post. I had written that FO’s playoff odds have us and the Pats essentially tied (we’re slightly higher for winning in r2 and for making the SB, with slightly lower odds of winning it all). The SB odds gap between 1 and 2 is much smaller (3.4%) than between us and ATL at 3 (12.1% gap). And ATL and CHI at 3 and 4 are less combined (23.1%) than us alone (25.8%).

    It will be interesting to see how FO writes about us in the next few weeks, as my radar for pro-Pats, anti-Steelers commentary has been tingling while reading them.