Morning Links (and Daily Thread)…

A quick daily look at what’s happening around Steelers Nation. And consider this your open thread for discussing the days events and, well, anything else that comes to mind about the Black and Gold.

– Last thing before moving onto the Jets: check out Gretz’s View from 522. [Us]

– The primary reason the Steelers lost the Week 15 Jets get-together (other than not having Troy and Heath): special teams. Here’s a detailed breakdown of exactly what happened. [Behind the Steel Curtain]

– Scott Brown in today’s Trib: “Clark mirrors Polamalu when situation arises.” [Tribune-Review]

– Eddie B. writes that the Jets had success running against the Steelers last time. Also worth mentioning: the Steelers had more success running against the Jets. Also, for those of you who missed NFL Network GameDay Saturday, nuggets of wisdom from Marshall Faulk: “I like the Jets in a Jets-Steelers matchup because New York can run the ball on the Steelers, and that means that Dick LeBeau won’t be able to use his fancy defenses.” [Post-Gazette]

– Unlike last week with Tom Brady, the Jets LOVE Big Ben (see here, here and here). [Twitter]

– Not-so-random YouTubes: the latest rendition of “Renegade”: a very special Ravens edition (as seen in View from 522):

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  • Cols714

    Seriously Football Outsiders? This was the big story of the game? I swear those people don’t know what to do about Big Ben. Here is his stats for the game in so so weather vs a pumped up Ravens defense
    19/32 226 yards, 2 TD, 7.1 YPA

    Here is the quote from FO

    “The big story in this game really was how ineffective Roethlisberger was. I don’t know if it was that massive hit Suggs put on him right before the fumble, but for the rest of the game he had a lot of easy (Ravens easy, at least) throws just completely sail. I want to know how his knees are for next week. “

    • ryan

      Haha. I saw that comment, too.

      • GlennW

        By the way, the guy who made that comment (Mike Kurtz) is a Steelers fan. He has seemed to me to be the overly jaundiced/critical/cynical/spoiled type in the past though. If your expectations are always through the roof, I guess you could have seen Ben as “ineffective” in this game. I sure didn’t.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah. How many quarterback a passer rating of 101.82 are called “ineffective.”

    • GlennW

      Absurd. Ben did miss a couple throws early in the game, but in his overall performance (which was just fine regardless) the opposing defense must be taken into account. Sometimes I don’t know what game these guys are watching.

    • Randy Steele

      Yeah, I love how that throw to Antonio Brown completely sailed on Ben.

    • RoB D

      FO just jumped the shark.As Israel says. 101.82 QB rating ain’t bad.

  • eddie

    the “ryan mirrors troy” story disturbs me. the only reason to do that is not to introduce some new wrinkle which takes your best defensive player out of the play. the only reason to do this is because troy’s injury is much worse than they are letting on…

    c’mon troy’s legs!!! two more games!!!

  • Ktulu22

    Ben, almost ALWAYS, has a few throws the first few drives that are high and/or long. Somebody pointed it out to me a couple years ago and it is true. It’s probably from the extra adrenaline/being pumped up. Keep an eye on it, it happens nearly every game.

  • Wildbill99

    Well I’ back. will I now say Ben played well? he has improved he looked good but I still want a QB that scores points not one full of stats.