Steelers To-Do List: Put the Pressure on Flacco

Happy Gameday everyone. As we get ready for the 4:30 p.m. kickoff, I have a couple more stats to share.

I went back and logged every Ravens’ pass play in the first two Steelers-Ravens games this year. I posted some of the findings over at FanHouse, including a look at how important it is for the Steelers to get pressure on Joe Flacco — his yards per completion are cut in half when the Steelers get pressure on him.

But I also wanted to spell out just how important LaMarr Woodley is to the Steelers’ pressure package. What jumped out in logging every Steelers’ pass rush is that Woodley was sent more often than James Harrison — 14 more times, in fact, in the first two games.

Here are the numbers for each non-defensive lineman and how many times they rushed in the first two games.

First Game Rushes
LaMarr Woodley 25
James Harrison 20
Lawrence Timmons 6
James Farrior 6
Troy Polamalu 4
Ike Taylor 1
Ryan Clark 2
Larry Foote 1
Second Game Rushes
LaMarr Woodley 34
James Harrison 25
Lawrence Timmons 11
James Farrior 15
Troy Polamalu 5
Ike Taylor 2
William Gay 4
Overall Rushes
LaMarr Woodley 59
James Harrison 45
James Farrior 21
Lawrence Timmons 17
Troy Polamalu 9
William Gay 4
Ike Taylor 3
Ryan Clark 2
Larry Foote 1
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  • Cols714

    I’m officially nervous. I’m worried about Suisham and the young WRs. Not to mention Scott vs Suggs.

    • steeler fan in cowboy country

      Couldn’t agree with you more

  • RoB D

    I am strangely calm. I am also strange (ask the wife)

    This is a game we should win. Not easily. But I really think we should put points up this time in the range of 27 or so and I don’t think the Ravens can do the same to our D.