Steelers Lounge Podcast #29: Steelers-Browns Recap — Barry Foster

That’s not a bad way to wrap up the regular season. Things were decided so early against the Browns that this game could be described as boring.

Whatever, we talk about that, the playoffs, and just about everything else in this marathon podcast.

Talking starts below…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #29: Steelers-Browns Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Anonymous

    Nice n’ early.

  • Anonymous

    The full hour was great.

    Among the individual performances it will be interesting to watch in the playoffs is Lamarr Woodley, who seems to have had a bit of a down year.

    Lamarr has two sacks in each of his four post-season games, which is (tied for?) the NFL record. Will he pick up his game to what we have come to expect?

    And speaking of playoff records, what kind of 40+ yard post-season receiving records are out there waiting for Mike Wallace?

  • NohSpinZone

    Hey guys. Will you do your podcasts during the playoffs? Wasn’t sure as I heard that the Browns preview podcast was your final on of the year. I have enjoyed them all. Thank you for all your great work on these.

    • ryan


      Yep, we’ll doing podcasts forever. Our next one will be next week sometime, after we know who the Steelers are playing. But we plan to do them during the offseason as well.

  • Randy Steele

    This was your best show, and that comes from someone who thinks you should do shorter, tighter segments. You made all good points throughout, and thanks for the shout-out.

    One small point: I’m a bit skeptical about the condition Aaron Smith will be in if/when he returns to play. It takes months, not a few weeks, to rebuild your body into anything near competitive strength. I just don’t see how another week and a half in the gym will matter much.

    If I’m Tomlin, I’m not sure I’m counting on Aaron to do much, and maybe not putting him on IR was a bad idea after all.

    • ryan

      Thanks, Randy.

      Really appreciate it.

      And I’m with you on Aaron — I do wonder what kind of shape he’ll be in if he even returns. And as JJ mentioned, Smith at 75 percent isn’t much of a help, probably. On the upside, we now know that Ziggy has done pretty well as the fill-in.

      • Anonymous

        Remember. It’s “only” one muscle in his arm. He probably couldn’t exercise that arm, but he could have been lifting weights with his legs and working out his chest and other arm. That arm might be under normal strength, but how much under and how much does it actually matter? A lot of push comes from legs as well.

        I’m not saying he’ll be 100%, but I think he was out not because he wouldn’t have been able to perform – I expect with one arm he could have done decently anyway – but because it would have been dangerous for him to play. If he can play, I would expect him to be better than 75%, and couple that with being comparatively rested vs his opponents, and it may just balance out.

        Of course that’s provided he really can use that arm.

        • Randy Steele

          As far as exercise goes, losing the ability to use one arm is like losing one side of your body. Can you continue to do some leg work? Yeah, sure, but you’re still seriously compromised.

          I’m not saying you can’t work out, but there’s no way you can build yourself up to the point you can compete at a high level during an NFL game.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out. Most games I go to a sports bar to watch since they don’t air in Seattle. Sometimes they do air and I choose to stay home. And what does a computer/football nerd do in that case? Why, he brings the laptop into the theater and takes notes.

    The definition of a successful season is something I’ve been thinking about too. I’m a bit more generous than you. I’ve decided that I consider a season a “success” if the Steelers get past the first round of the playoffs, either via a bye or by winning in the wildcard round. Making to the championship is “good”, to the Super Bowl is “great” winning the Super Bowl is “championship”. On the other side, 1st round loss is “okay”, missing the playoffs is “dissapointing”. 500 is “bad”. Under 500 is “disastrous”.

    The Cleveland Browns now have 1 “okay” season, 1 “disappointing” season, and the rest are “disastrous” which sounds about right.