Steelers Lounge Podcast #33: Jets-Steelers Recap — Merril Hoge

JJ mentions it all the time but it’s worth repeating here: we’re living in the golden age of Steelers football. It’s easy to forget that because we’re perpetually caught up in the moment. But with 13 days until the last game of the year, just something to think about.

Anyway, the Steelers won another AFC Championship game, this time against the Jets. JJ, Adam and I talk about the get-together, Ben’s performance, the emergence of the rookie wideouts, and the new and improved playcalling of Bruce Arians (!).

One more thing: we got a couple great emails from readers after the game and we plan to devote an entire podcast to them later this week. So if you have any questions, comments or complaints, send them along or leave a comment below and we’ll discuss them.

Jabbering starts below…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #33: Jets-Steelers Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • RoB D

    As one of the older than dirt (and I don’t mean Winston or Dawson) crowd here at SL, I am so happy for many of the younger guys/gals here who are priviledged to witness a budding dynasty in their lifetimes. I am sure that many of the fans in the 80`s lived off those glorious 70′s years. Cowher had a lot of success and a lot of failure (in terms of winning it all). “Almost” getting there starts to suck after a few AFCCG losses at home too many. By the time he won it in 2005, a new era in STeeler football was dawning and boy…it’s kinda bright. Blinding in fact.

    So enjoy it to the max. The best part is Ben is in his prime. We are following one of the best overall organizations in sports, although we sometimes lose sight of that as we hold them to a very high standard of play which they sometimes fail to achieve.

    It’s just that they mostly DO achieve those standards and we are stunned once again into the realization that they are once again on the verge of a championship.

    • Smheart78

      It’s a sureal feeling being a fan of a team that’s about to become a dynasty! I grew up in the 80′s starting with Malone, only hearing from my parents and grandparents about how great the steelers were and to be a fan, never witnessing their winning ways. I was content with #5 and 6 and having the most Lombardi’s, but to witness a dynasty in the making after so long provides a lasting connection to those long gone that forged the steeler tradition in me so long ago.

  • SteelerBill

    “Not a game to be watched among civilians….”

    Classic line…..

  • Randy Steele

    Couple quick thoughts…

    Did anyone else notice the Jet player (Bart Scott?) who tried to vault over the o-line during the victory formation at the end of the game? A classless goon, just like his coach, who provokes that sort of thoughtless behavior. There should be a big ass fine from the NFL for crap like that.

    If Harrison had made a hit on a Jets’ receiver like the one Sanders got, you can bet there would have been penalty, a fine, and Harrison might even have been kicked out of the game.

    Yes, Hampton had a pretty good game, but Mangold looked like he was playing hurt. Just sayin’

    And as you guys mentioned, when a team has a game seemingly in hand, the defensive coaches swap yards for seconds off the clock. As the Jets were driving for a touchdown in the third quarter, my wife kept yelling at the defense to make a play. I told her, “Look at the clock. Look at how much time they’re losing, trying to score. The Steelers are doing what they are suppose to do.” Yes, it’s painful to watch, but most of the time, it works. (And if Legursky doesn’t fumble that snap, the game is over for the Jets at that point.)

    If anyone wants to criticize Mendenhall for dancing behind the line, trying to look for an opening to make a run, then they have to criticize Rothlisberger for standing behind the line, holding the ball, trying to make a play. The reward is worth the risk.

    And if Ben wins another Super Bowl, he’s in Canton. Period.

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