Steelers Lounge Podcast #35: Steelers-Packers Preview — John Henry Johnson

It’s Super Bowl Week, which means the same vapid storylines day after day, Media Day absurdities, and very little analysis. So, naturally, we spend the first 10 minutes of the podcast bemoaning the spectacle this week has become before JJ reminds us that, you know, we do actual analysis.

JJ points out something nobody is talking about: B.J. Raji is rarely blocked by the center. More likely, that chore will fall to Ramon Foster or Chris Kemoeatu. Still an issue, for sure, but not quite the breathless “Doug Legursky is the next Sean Mahan” subplot.

We also talk about the Steelers running game, stopping Aaron Rodgers and, of course, Hines Ward’s love of cowboy hats and strip clubs, and Ben consuming adult beverages at a piano bar.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #35: Steelers-Packers Super Bowl Preview

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • RoB D

    I could regret it but I feel confident going into this one. I think the teams are close in some areas..QB, O-lines, ST’s (they are both dicey) coaching but I think the Steelers just have a big edge in experience and game changers.

    AGain..anything can happen in a football game but I believe we are going to win this one going away..10 pts +

  • Steelers=TXchainsawmassacre

    I would like to see the same ST trick play run during the Titans game but instead of Moore being in there leave Brown in. Sanders goes in up high and have him pul the reverse and take the Brown handoff.

  • Steelcurtainradio

    Hey JJ, Is Raji playing the 2- Technique or 3-Technique?

    • Jjcooper

      Generally 1-technique…in the A gap. He’ll sometimes slide over to a 2-Technique.

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