Steelers Lounge Podcast #36: Steelers-Packers Recap — Jerome Bettis

It’s never fun recapping a loss but JJ’s known for two things: his zealotry towards offensive line analysis and his undying optimism. The former is great, obviously, but the latter sure comes in handy today.

I’ll be honest: we ramble nostalgically so apologies up front. We also discuss the three turnovers, Ben’s effort, the field conditions (seriously, how can guys be falling down in a dome?), Aaron Rodgers’ clinical performance, and we even find some bright spots (but no moral victories).

And I’ll have a separate post on this later today, but we just want to thank everybody for reading and listening to us this season. It was a wholly enjoyable experience and it went much better than any of us could have imagined. Seriously: we owe you guys.

Alright, talking starts below…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #36: Steelers-Packers Super Bowl Recap

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Anonymous

    It’s we who owe you. I feel seriously among friends.

  • Anonymous

    Ben’s passer rating for the season, including playoffs is 94.46. In the three playoff games it was 83.68.

  • Anonymous

    What you said in the fourteenth minute about the Packers’ scoring on drives that included big plays – that means the question about Aaron Rodgers’ patience (a la Tom Brady) was never really tested.

  • SteelerBill

    I agree…..we didn’t get blown out… was close and I can accept that…..But I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry during the day leading up to and during the game. I don’t even play….my issue with the loss has nothing to do with the Packers – it has to do with the way the Steelers have been portrayed….I really wanted to shove this up Goodell’s proverbial ass – Ok I feel a tad better now.

  • Anonymous

    Can you put those 1978 games someplace where we can actually watch them? (I’m old enough to remember, but was already in Israel and couldn’t follow much.)

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  • John S.

    Got to attend my first (and probably only) Super Bowl. Wouldn’t trade the overall experience, but wish it’d been a different result. The stadium is ridiculous and worth seeing once in your life, but I’ll take Heinz any day.

    Definitely saw more Steelers fans than Packers fans, but we had a number of Pack fans in our section on the AFC side. They were by and large good folks and I never saw any interactions over the level of playful ribbing between the two fan bases even on the long walk of shame back to the parking lot.

    Highlight: Walking right past Billick on the way in. One person shouted “Brian!” As he turned to wave, me and my friend couldn’t resist shouting “F— You Billick!” I’m usually a more decent person, but the tailgating got to me I guess. He is a very tall man, BTW.

    Lowlight: Third quarter, a Packers fan complained that I should stay seated because it was hard to see the game when I stood. Mind you, I was standing and cheering, not during the whole game, but during a crucial defensive series in a friggin’ Super Bowl! The disturbing part was I looked to fellow Steelers fans for support, and some nodded and said “Yeah, it is kinda hard to see.”

    Why pay ungodly amounts of money, and travel across the country, only to sit and passively watch as your team trues to claw its way back in??? Yeesh.

    • John S.

      In the Packers fan defense, I am 6’5”, but still…

      • ryan

        In the Packers fan defense, I am 6’5”, but still…

        Ha. Upside: at least the NFL didn’t promise you a seat and then turn you away at the door.

      • Stillerfan

        The closeup shots of the stands, packers “fans” and steelers “fans” alike were mostly incredibly passive. They looked bored to be there and pretty much looked impassive to what was happening on the field. I’m not saying that it was all the fans there, but everyone knew going into it that there were going to be a lot of people at the game who barely cared about the outcome, and it sure as hell looked like that from home.

  • Stillerfan

    The one thing I loved about the podcast was how you guys brought up the man coverage, and you brought up the big plays.

    As we all know, the reason Lebeau plays the “soft” zone and doesn’t man up is to prevent the big play. Fans complain “yadda yadda it’s too soft”, and at times it is, but they fail to realize that if there WERE a perfect defense, Lebeau would be running it.

    Against a team like the packers though I am very encouraged to see the temporary change in philosophy, because there is no doubt that at full strength the packers would march down on soft zones all day long.

    I was surprised they still played so much man when Driver went out, but I’m certainly not going to question Dicky.

  • Wildbill99

    That Roethlisberger guy—————-he sure is a good Quarterback isn’t he. He has such great stats, he can scramble, he can woooohhhhhh the crowd. he just can’t bring it together and win can he.

  • DC in ATL

    Looking forward to the review of 1978. A great season with a great epic ending. My favorite of our six Lombardi’s.

    If I’m not mistaken, that Super Bowl (XIII) is still the only Super Bowl with both starting QB’s having already lead their respective teams to two previous Super Bowl victories. It was very sweet to win that one after watching the Cowboys win the previous year and all the trash talk from “America’s Team” in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

    I still can’t stand to see or hear Cliff Harris or Charlie Waters whine about some aspect of their rivalry against us in the 70′s.

  • Dave

    I couldn’t agree more. After going to both playoff games in Pittsburgh and screaming with the crowd, the Steelers fans in this game were incredibly quiet. I felt like the Packers fans definitely were louder, both during the game and in the days before the game around town – even though they were outnumbered. If I never hear another “Go Pack Go!” chant I will die a happy man. I tried urging the Steelers fans in my section to make some noise during the game, but without much luck. It did make me wonder how many people there are actual fans vs. how many got tickets somehow and just went and bought a jersey to fit in. A great experience, and I would do it again the next time the Steelers are there, but I would much prefer a playoff game in Heinz Field anyday.

  • Anonymous

    Is the Willie Mays Hayes reference because of Mike Tomlin?

    • ryan

      Haha. No, I was referring to the over-the-shoulder crazy catch Wallace would have had to make on that throw since Ben didn’t put it to the back corner of the end zone. I probably shoulda just gone with Willie Mays, but I guess I couldn’t avoid a Wesley Snipes reference.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking more of Major League II…