Steelers Lounge Podcast #37: It’s the Offseason — Carnell Lake

It’s the first Steelers Lounge podcast of the offseason and we’re ignoring the impending labor strife because, well, denial is a big part of helping us get through the day.

Anyway, we kick things off by talking about my post from Monday — Who Ya Got With the 31st Pick: Cornerback or Offensive Lineman? We consider the realities of playing in Pittsburgh, namely that a guard has a better chance of breaking into the starting lineup and contributing than a cornerback.

Tequila0341 pointed out as much in his comments on my original post. And Cobra countered by noting that the Packers, coached up by Dom Capers, started five first- or second-year players on defense. JJ, of course, has an answer for why rookies fare better in Capers’ defense than LeBeau’s.

We also spend a few minutes on Fantasy Island discussing which free agent cornerbacks we’d like to see in Pittsburgh (reasonably priced and within reason, of course.) Yappin’ starts below…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #37: It’s the Offseason

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • SteelerBill

    Ahh Noise Canceling headphones on…..Podcast rockin’ in the background…..thanks gentlemen….

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  • Anonymous

    In the spirit of BPA.

    Patrick Peterson
    Prince Amukamara
    Nate Solder
    Nick Fairley
    Tyron Smith
    Brandon Harris
    Gabe Carimi
    Derek Sherrod
    Anthony Castonzo
    Mike Pouncey

    Only including areas of need here. BPA could still put someone up there ahead of one of these guys.

  • Anonymous

    Was a bit surprised – you guys really think that Gay will start ahead of BMac next season? Cripes, I hope not.

    Also, doesn’t Johnathan Joseph belong on the possible FA fantasy list? Certainly he’d an upgrade from BMac.

  • ryan


    Let me clarify: I don’t think Gay should start ahead of B-Mac. I mentioned moving B-Mac inside, but only if there’s a competent replacement for his starting gig (Not Gay). And then move Gay to the dime. Or, as JJ suggested, work B-Mac in the safety/CB role, sorta how the Steelers did with Deshea the last few seasons.

    As for Joseph: the Steelers can’t afford him. He’s one of the league’s best young CBs. If he happens to hit free agency, a team like the Redskins will throw billions at him.

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, can you think of any way that B-Mac doesn’t start next year barring injury? I doubt Crezdon or Keenan have any chance of taking his spot, and Ike will take all our CB FA money. Certainly no rookie is going to start in LeBeau’s defense. So it’s B-Mac or bust, unfortunately.

      • Anonymous

        Crezdon Butler could start. Why do you think he will not? Is it because he didn’t play his rookie season? If no rookie starts in LeBeau’s defense, that’s not really a knock against him. I guess the fact that Anthony Madison was out there and Butler wasn’t is a bad sign, but I think there’s a reasonable chance (maybe 1 in 4) that Butler starts opposite Taylor next year.

        • ryan

          At this point, I’d welcome Crezdon getting a shot. But as you point out, Madison was out there — and worse: Keenan Lewis. I really don’t know how Lewis could have had a worse season. I can’t recall one thing he did well.

          • Anonymous

            The preseason? I thought aside from one game (can’t remember which) Keenan Lewis showed some promise in preseason. Enough that I though he had a shot at passing Gay on the depth chart.

        • Anonymous

          I’d hope he would, but I doubt it given his utter lack of playing time this year. He was only active for 4 games and had one tackle.

          If Crezdon makes huge strides in the offseason, then maybe. But I doubt he will make that kind of progress, because (1) the lack of playing time this year (2) the lockout, which will retard young player development across the board. The lockout means that young players will not be able to have access to training facilities or coaches until the lockout is resolved.

          I think we’ll have to just accept that the 2011 defense will probably take at a few steps backward. I doubt we’ll be as stout against the run, and probably worse against the pass. Hopefully this will be made up for by a better offense led by the Young Money Crew and a better O-line.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Excellent podcast this week.  I really enjoyed the run down of potential free agents, as I don’t know who many of those guys are. 

    One thought on Champ Bailey: does he have the smarts and skills to play the kind of role Charles Woodson plays with the Packers?  They seem like similar players in some ways: former top-end cover corners who had elite speed and ball skills, now older vets who can play some man and zone but shouldn’t play man all game against a #1 receiver.  They both made enough money earlier in their careers that a ring might be more important to them than wringing every last dollar out of free agency.

    If Bailey could play this role, it would add a whole new set of wrinkles in the disguised coverages and blitzes.  Just having another ball hawking cover guy on the field who can blitz would free up Troy to do all sorts of fun things. 

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Carnell Lake may be my favorite all-time Steeler. His is the only jersey I ever bought for myself.