Super Bowl Game Thread: Steelers vs. Packers

This seems like the perfect time to summon all the Mike Tomlin-isms I can muster. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

“The standard is the standard.”

“I’m not asking for much, just all you got.”

“Style points don’t matter.”

“We have a desire to play dominant football.”

Last, least:

“It is what it is.”

Also, Question of the Day, via Israel’s Twitter feed: Which Steelers defensive player do you think will end the last Packers’ drive?

Choose wisely. Let’s go Steelers.

This is your Super Bowl thread…

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  • Anonymous

    Defensive player who ends the last Packers drive – I’d like it to be James Harrison, but I think Lamarr is more likely.

  • BallsofSteel

    Woodley will shut it down just like XLIII.

  • Cols714

    If you are nervous, go read the postgameheroes preview. It will make you feel much better.
    I don’t want to deal with Steelers fans and the inevitable calling for Bruce Arians head and Ted crying about Holmes if they lose, so they had better win!!

  • DC in ATL

    Excellent article at postgameheroes, thanks Cols. Dutch has been pretty accurate relying on his yards per play stats this year, and we have the advantage. We played tougher teams in the playoffs than the Packers did. Our guys have been there before, and they haven’t.

    A couple other things:

    1) Heath should have a big day. Football Outsiders stats show that Green Bay is well below average in covering the Tight End.

    2) For once, we should not have a big disadvantage on Special Teams. Their punter may be better, but their kick returning and their kickoff coverage has been weak. A good chance we’ll get a good return or two from Antonio Brown while keeping them pinned deep after all of our many kickoffs today.

    3) Ben Muth’s article this week on Football Outsiders suggests that our supposed disadvantage on the O-Line may not be be as big as everyone things. He has watched the Steelers line closely most of the year and says we struggle with quick, agile lineman, but have done well playing against D-Lines that rely on size and strength. The Packers D-Line relies on size and strength from Raji, Pickens and Jenkins.

    4) Same article suggests we have a bigger advantage from our front seven versus their O-Line. Especially in Hampton versus their center Wells…who may not be any better than Legursky.

    5) Seriously…who do you trust to make the right decision at the critical moment? Mike McCarthy or Mike Tomlin. Case closed, Steelers by at least 7

    • Rj_widhalm

      Tomlin often resembles a deer caught in the headlights…

  • SteelerBill

    Great article at PGH…..makes you wonder why the ‘experts’ refuse to go beyond talking points…….

  • ryan

    Hey Luddites, how about a link?

    Kidding (sort of). Either way, a good read.

  • Dean Keaton

    Looking for a link to the Joe Greene HOF speech clip that is played at the stadium where he starts chanting “DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!”. Can anyone help me out?

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    ESPN had a great feature on how Tomlin uses In the Air Tonight before games to focus the team. Hearing LeBeau, Clark, Hines and others talk about it was great. Contrast that with reports that the Packers hired a motivational speaker. Add in the fact that the entire team went to LeBeau’s HOF ceremony. This is a Team. Go Steelers!

    • RoB D

      Yep, they hired this guy..not sure that’s going to work…:)

      If you don’t feel like clicking. it’s Chris Farley…

  • steeler fan in cowboy country


  • Randy Steele

    Brouchette just blogged that the Steelers are going to run one or two trick plays. Of course, he’s not telling what they will be, but he seems pretty certain that they will happen.

    • ryan

      Bob Holtzman got scooped!

  • BigMck

    Anyone surprised Worilds is inactive? I thought he was key special teams player. Did he have to go to make room for Hills?

    • Jackson_8616

      Had to go to make room for Will Allen. I think he should have started over W. Allen, but whatever.
      Hills is going to be awful, and Trai is the backup Center. Uh Oh…

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Israel, how about Ben’s QB rating against the Pack?

  • Anonymous

    Usually the mantra “good teams overcome bad officiating” is used as a criterion. As in, if you were actually good, the officiating wouldn’t have mattered. This game I’m really hoping it’s a prophesy. As in, the Steelers are good enough to overcome this.

  • RoB D

    Well. that was awful.Ben had pressure up the middle on the INT/TD Not a good sign early. The D didn’t show up or GB has some things figured out. Maybe what they figured out is if Aaron throws a perfect football, he’ll complete everything. So far, so good.

    Everyone on the Steelers looks tentative and late reacting. Man, not getting the fumbled return ball was huge. We could have had it on the 5 or 6 and a quick score?

    OK. Ward scores and we are back to 11 pts. How about the STeelers start playing a 1000 % better? That might help.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t blame the defense that much. GB put together one good drive (with some help). One TD was a returned interception, so that’s not on the D. The other drive was a short field off another int – and yeah on that one the defense looked pretty bad. They could be playing better, but the turnovers are the story so far.

  • Anonymous

    Have to wonder how this game would have turned out if the Steelers didn’t turn the ball over 3 times.

    Ben picked a terrible time to have his worst game of the season. The picks were awful enough, but the poor accuracy on several passes killed us. I think the defense played well enough to win – you have to concede that Rodgers and that offense is going to get some points and passing yards. But you can’t turn the ball over 3 times against a team as good as the Packers.

  • RoB D

    Hmmm..everybody’s speechless here…can’t say I blame you.

    Overall, they laid a pretty big egg in this game. Flashes of good play here and there but it just didn’t inspire confidence. Green Bay allowed them back in this game and they threw it right back in their laps. And to their credit, the Packers took it.

    I like our team ..its going to get back to a few more of these I feel. It was just a topsy turvy year overall and it might look better with a little distance.

    A few things for me:
    Offensively they looked lost quite a few times..not knowing the play calls..a lot of wrong routes judging by the looks they were giving each other after misplays. Just a herky jerky mess. Arians is going to take heat and probably deserves it but I reserve judgement till after all the analysis is in.

    Ben was high to start the game …again. I am starting to think that foot just screwed up his release. It has to be something.

    Secondary needs revampiing..

    Mendy fumbled in the biggest game of the year and it killed the momentum. I am going to take a few months to forgive him. But its’ going to be hard.

    Oh well..we’ll pick it apart in our leisure time..we have nothing but time now.

    It is probably not going down as a classic..but I bet it feels pretty good to Packer fans right about now. Classy organization..hard to begrudge them much. Big congrats to them, they were the better team today.

    • Anonymous

      That last drive was a horrid mess. You would have thought this Steelers team never ran a two-minute drill before … that was pretty inexcusable.

      • Cols714

        Yeah, Because the Steelers haven’t ever won before in the last two minutes. It’s hard to do. Sometimes you don’t win those games.

        Its sucks, I’m hurting, but it happens. Life goes on and the Steelers will be back a few more times before Ben retires.

    • Rj_widhalm

      Arians needs to be fired. Now. There is no excuse for that offensive performance. For the last time, the play design of this offense is almost nonexistent. And Mendy could lead the league in rushing if he only had a fullback.

      Dick, it’s been fun but it’s time for you to head to Florida, or Arizona, or wherever. The one thing you don’t do against a team running the West Coast offense is let the QB sit back and pick you apart. So of course, Troy is playing 20 yards off the line of scrimmage. And no blitzing, other than that crappy crossbuck right into the GB offensive linemen.

      And lastly, way to go Ben. Biggest game of the year and you crap the bed for the second time in 3 trips to the Super Bowl.

      • Cols714

        whatever. They scored 25 points. Fuck you if you want to blame Arians and Lebeau. They played OK, but turnovers and the Packers just being a good team killed them.

        Sometimes you lose. No need to reveamp the organization based on losing a super bowl.

        Fuck off.

  • ryan

    Hey, hey, hey: recap is live, unspectacular.

  • GB Rocks

    Hey Ben, Paybacks a bitch huh? Maybe you had too much on your mind during the game like what bar you were going to after the game and how drunk you would become.

    • SMF43

      Glad to see everyone’s staying classy in GB.