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Random Video: 1979 Jack Lambert Hit On Haven Moses

Head injuries and defenseless players are the talk of professional sports at the moment (the NHL is trying to curb head injuries just as much, if not more, than the NFL) and it’s hard to ignore how the culture is … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Generational Grudge Match: Heath Miller vs. Eric Green

In which we take two players from different generations and throw them into an imaginary ring for you to decide the winner. This is the first such installment, and it’s a battle of tight ends with Heath Miller going up … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Round Up: 2.0

Leading up to April’s draft we’ll take an occasional look around the web and update you on a list of mock drafts and which players people have going to the Steelers. This is the second such update. We’re searching the … Continue reading

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Is Emmanuel Sanders Ready to Pass Hines Ward?

Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. is going around the AFC North and examining players that could have a breakout season in 2011 (whenever it starts). His selection for the Steelers: wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders who, as Williamson writes, “could be … Continue reading

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Rashard, FWP and the Curse of 370

Despite newspapers perpetually slashing budgets, I’m pretty sure Ed Bouchette hasn’t yet been relegated to writing his own headlines. Whatever, this was atop his Sunday piece about Rashard Mendenhall’s heavy workload: “On the Steelers: Mendenhall Destined for Same Fate as … Continue reading

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SL Discussion Thread For Week of March 28

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

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Never-Before-Seen Steelers Trading Cards*

Last month, Gretz worked up a post on early ’90s Steelers trading cards. I never collected football cards so all I can add to the conversation are a couple ridiculous Photoshops of current Steelers. And before you ask, yes, I … Continue reading

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Steelers Still Have To Worry About Kickoffs

As Gretz has pointed out, the NFL’s recent decision to move kickoffs back to the 35-yard line should help the life expectancy of Steelers’ fans. Less kickoff returns equals less heartburn when opposing teams take those kickoffs to the house. … Continue reading

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Hines Ward Is Up For the Madden ’12 Cover (Sort of)

EA Sports is using a fan vote to determine the face of Madden ’12 and has created a 32-player tournament to decide the winner. Each team gets a representative, and for the Steelers it’s wide receiver and Dancing With The … Continue reading

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Kickoffs May Not Be As Big a Problem for Steelers in 2011

If you’re tired of watching Steelers kickers fail to reach the end zone on kickoffs and then helplessly watch as they allow a return out to the 40-yard line, I have some good news for you. The NFL approved a … Continue reading

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