Hines Ward Is Up For the Madden ’12 Cover (Sort of)

EA Sports is using a fan vote to determine the face of Madden ’12 and has created a 32-player tournament to decide the winner. Each team gets a representative, and for the Steelers it’s wide receiver and Dancing With The Stars contender Hines Ward.

He’s taking over popular culture one step at a time this offseason.

Ward enters the March Madness style tournament as a No. 2 seed and opens up with a first-round matchup against Carlos Dunlap from the Cincinnati Bengals (you can vote here). Some of the other participants are kind of odd, including New England’s Danny Woodhead and Seattle’s 12th man. Are the Seahawks that lacking in the star power department that they have to use their fans for this? At least the Lions have Ndamukong Suh or Calvin Johnson to turn to.

The only Steelers player to grace the cover of Madden was safety Troy Polamalu (who shared it with Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals) for last year’s edition of the iconic video game. If you believe in the Madden cover jinx you could argue that’s why he missed most of the season due to injury.

I don’t care if Ward is on the cover one way or the other (and for as superstitious as I tend to be, I don’t believe in cover jinxes), so I’m not here to rally the fans to stuff the box for him. Honestly, I’d probably vote for Woodhead the entire way through just because I think it would be hilarious to see him, of all people, on the cover of one of the most popular video games ever. Any guy that can go into a sporting goods store and anonymously sell his own jersey without people (most people, anyway) realizing it’s him is OK in my book.  Even if he does play for the Patriots.

I will, however, toss this question out to the class: Do you prefer the Madden game now with the advanced gameplay, incredible graphics and in-depth franchise modes, or are you like me and still blindly loyal to the Sega and Super Nintendo versions where the ambulance would run over injured players, while Pat Summerall would casually blurt out, “oh no, there’s a man down”?

Like any other pizza-stuffed college student I spent many nights glued to the television playing the latest version of the game, mastering the playbooks and figuring out which play was the most unstoppable. While I haven’t really played the game (or any video games) since college, I’m still attached to the early versions. I like the franchise modes that allow you to build teams over the years through the draft and free agency, but it almost got to the point where it became too realistic with ticket prices and profit margins.

Runaway ambulances all the way.

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  • Lance

    actually Drew Brees was last year’s cover. Troy and Fitzgerald were on the cover 2 years ago.

    And I prefer the old school variety. Although I do enjoy a good truck stick hit from time to time

  • http://www.madden-school.com madden school

    I would love to see Hines get on the cover of madden 12, but I wouldn’t want to see the madden curse strike and injure him.