Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Round Up: 2.0

Leading up to April’s draft we’ll take an occasional look around the web and update you on a list of mock drafts and which players people have going to the Steelers. This is the second such update. We’re searching the Internet so you don’t have to…

Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Round Up
Site Pick School (Pos.)
Draft Countdown Aaron Williams Texas (Defensive Back)
Walter Football Aaron Williams Texas (Defensive Back)
Shutdown Corner Nate Solder Colorado (Offensive Tackle)
ProFootballTalk Aaron Williams Texas (Defensive Back)
MyNFLDraft Danny Watkins Baylor (Guard)
Football’s Future Gabe Carimi Wisconsin (Offensive Tackle)
NewNFLDraft Gabe Carimi Wisconsin (Offensive Tackle)
Mocking The Draft Ben Ijalana Villanova (Offensive Tackle)
Chris Steuber Ben Ijalana Villanova (Offensive Tackle)
Joe Reedy Derek Sherrod Mississippi State (Offensive Tackle)
CBS (Rob Rang) Muhammad Wilkerson Temple (Defensive Tackle)

Aaron Williams is getting a lot of love, as if the offensive tackle position, while one person still clings to the Danny Watkins dream. Mike Pouncey seems to have all but disappeared from the mocks, mainly because his status is on the rise and he’s unlikely to be available when the Steelers are on the clock. CBS’ Rob Rang gets bonus points for thinking outside the box and not picking a cornerback or offensive tackle.

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  • ecks

    also: kiper has the steelers taking danny watkins too. Mcshay’s two cents: orlando franklin: OG from miami and ras-i dowling in the second.


    While I am not opposed to any of those possibilities, it seems, at least in several mocks, that the two top prospects at NT could be available for the Steelers, either Stephen Paea (Oregon St) or Phil Taylor (Baylor). Those are very interesting prospects, and very much aligned with the BPA mentality. Again, I am no College Football expert, so I am just drawing conclusions form the written reports and exactly zero film analisys.

    If depth at CB or OL is as good as advertised on this class, we could shore those postions on round 2 and 3, while getting a true Blue Chip with the 31st pick.

  • Grw1960

    I like Ijalana a lot. How ever I don’t see him as a first round pick.
    Aaron Williams, his best projected spot by many is nickel back or FS. If so, That raises a question, will he be good enough at that position to be a first round pick for the Steelers?
    I still think the best possibilities are DL ,OL , Curtis Brown at 31or trade down.
    It is definitely going to be a draft worth watching.

  • http://www.steelerslounge.com/ ryan


    I feel basically the same way you do. And I’m starting to hear Curtis Brown’s name a lot more now since the Combine.

    I didn’t watch one second of Texas last fall but Mayock has said several times that the Texas CBs are hard to grade because they basically rotated three players, including Williams and Brown. At this point, I really think DL could be the frontrunner.

    (And I say that obviously having no idea how the first 30 picks play out in front of the Steelers so, you know, take that for what it’s worth.)

  • Randy Steele

    If you look at that list and ask yourself which players are the least risky and most likely to become 5-year starters, the list gets pretty small pretty fast.

    Neither Ijalana nor Wilkerson have a big school resume, so the level of competition they’ve faced is suspect. In other words, can you really trust their game tapes? Do you really want either of them as your first pick in the draft? Most teams won’t accept that risk, I think.

    I’m suspicious of Solder. He’s surprisingly fast and has good feet, but his combine numbers show that his upper body strength is poor. Again, he’s a risky pick.

    Danny Watkins? Seriously?! He’s 27 frickin’ years old! True, there’s little risk, but there’s also not much reward — he’s only a guard. He’s a one-trick, one-contract pony. Move on.

    That leaves Sherrod, Carimi, and Williams. All represent little risk and all will probably be 5-year starters, but they may not be starting at the positions we want them to.

    Sherrod and Carimi have been falling down the charts, and to paraphrase Jim Wexell, fallers fall for a reason — so general managers beware. And Williams reportedly may lack the moves to be a top-flight CB and end up getting demoted to safety.

    That said, Curtis Brown is looking a bit better all the time.

    Meh, I don’t know, and I’m glad I don’t have to do this for a living.

    • Mike L

      I don’t necessarily agree about small school guys. We did well with a guy out of Miami (Ohio). I like Wilkerson but I am not sure where he plays this year or next, teams are forcing the Steelers into their nickel package so that leaves two down linemen. It would not be a bad pick. Ijalana is a guard/RT, value someone not a possibility of LT is lower. Solder would be great, I think many teams are looking for someone who contribute this year and he may not do so, his rep for a tall player is not horrible other OT who had low reps include Oher and Roos. Sherrod would be good if he falls. Carimi would be better than most. The Steelers have too many CB/FS types as Ted has pointed out at least for using a 1st round pick on. Curtis Brown is moving up, but I was surprised not to see Brandon Harris.

    • Finnegans Wake

      I don’t know that Sherrod and Carimi have been “falling down the charts” so much as there’s an overall lack of consensus as to their value, which is true of all the top 5 OTs this year.

      Playing S rather than CB is not a demotion per se, but it does represent a position of slightly lesser need.

      I do like Curtis Brown, but not sure if I like him enough to be a 1.31 pick.

  • Finnegans Wake


    A. Williams is a FS; think Antrel Rolle. Pass.

    Solder is a project. Pass.

    Watkins, as noted, is as old as free agents signing their second contract. Pass.

    Ijalana is from a lower LOC and is only 6’3″ 1/2″, meaning he’s a guard with an adjustment to make. Pass.

    My top 3 from that list: Sherrod, Carimi, Mo Wilkerson, in that order.

  • Randy Steele

    There’s a good analysis in “Behind the Steel Curtain,” about various scenarios in which the Steelers would trade down their draft pick from 1.31.

    The author shows who the trading partners might be and why, and what the Steelers would get in return. And he, perhaps unintentionally, proves why trading down is highly unlikely.