Random Video: 1979 Jack Lambert Hit On Haven Moses

Head injuries and defenseless players are the talk of professional sports at the moment (the NHL is trying to curb head injuries just as much, if not more, than the NFL) and it’s hard to ignore how the culture is rapidly changing. The result has been numerous fines, the threat of suspensions and rule changes all in the name of improving player safety.

Jack Lambert, usually listed around 220 pounds during his playing days, would have probably been a large safety in today’s NFL given his size (by comparison, James Farrior and Lawrence Timmons, the Steelers’ current middle linebackers, each have about 20 pounds on Lambert’s playing weight) and would have been regularly fined, if not suspended, for his style of play. Think James Harrison fines, only more frequent.

Randomly playing around YouTube tonight I stumbled on this (and I might have used it before in a daily thread during the season, though, I couldn’t find it) 1979 Monday night game involving the Steelers and Broncos that included this Lambert hit on Denver receiver Haven Moses. Try to imagine the fine today, and marvel at Howard Cosell’s anger because the ball wasn’t caught.

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