SL Discussion Thread for Week of March 14

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– So here we are, one weekend into the NFL lockout. Here’s what Art Rooney had to say about the situation, via the Steelers official website. []

– Some tales from the 1987 strike. [Post-Gazette]

– Hey, Ed Bouchette is now on Twitter. You should probably follow him. He used the Tweet Machine last week to debunk that report from the New York Post that had the Steelers interested in Tiki Barber. [Ed Bouchette on Twitter]

– I already told you about my first Arena Football experience over the weekend, and there’s already a blog dedicated to covering the team. If you’re interested, you should check it out. [Boltsburgh Blog]

– In case you haven’t given it a listen yet, here’s our latest Steelers Lounge Podcast. [Us]

– And for your random YouTube action: Who doesn’t remember the amazing Kent Graham to Hines Ward connection?

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  • RoB D

    I really enjoyed the story on Arena Football. I had a few business associates up here for a few days once and we went to a CFL game back when Ottawa still had a team. ONe guy was from Texas and the other was from L.A. They were both saying that, while it didn’t have the talent level of Div I or the NFL (obviously) it was probably the most fun they had at a game since it was never “over” ..lots of passing and opportunities to score. You got to see a lot of smaller athletes with speed running around like water

    It’s a great live spectacle but doesn’t come off as quite as much fun on TV. It looks like I may be watching more of Arena football and CFL this year. sigh…

    I think it was Bill Simmons (who I stopped reading a few years back as he became too partisan in his views) who said that Steeler fans have mentally wiped out the Kent Graham years from their memory know I have. Whatever happened to that Hines kid anyway..he looked pretty good in this clip!

    The NFL putting this season in jeopardy is ludicrous. It’s like they don’t realize how good they have it. The money being generated is obscene and they can’t get together and agree on how the spoils should be shared. I don’t think I am going to run out and blow 300 bucks on an authentic jersey just now…I think we as fans should have some say in what it going down since we put so much of our souls into following our teams. WE seem to be the last things anyone worries about.

  • Warriorblitz

    FWIW, on SportsCenter this AM the Steelers were “on the clock” and Trent Dilfer said that LeBeau needs to rethink his D scheme and Kiper said that Pouncey II will be gone by 31.

    Thoughts? I mean other than the day Coach LeBeau takes defensive scheme advice from TD is a cold day in hell…

    • Randy Steele

      If that was a repeat of the SportCenter I saw last night, the entire segment was beyond ridiculous.
      Kiper predicted that the Steelers would draft Danny Watkins in the first round.

      You’re going to pay first round money to a 27-year-old rookie right guard, Kiper? That would be a stuptifyingly stupid pick.

      • Warriorblitz

        That’s the one Randy…I just shook my head. The part I like about the draft is watching all these geniuses babble and tap-dance as their predictions go to hell.

    • RoB D

      DEfensive genius Trent Dilfer..

      Did that guy EVER read more than half the field during his time as caretaker QB? I don’t think so..

  • GlennW

    This is apropos of nothing, but can Roger Goodell shut up already? What a lackey tool this guy is. I’d have more respect for him if he spoke forthrightly and sincerely (like say, Jeff Pash) even if I didn’t support his position, as opposed to all of this “what a shame” politickspeak. We all know who you work for, Roger.

    • ryan

      I can’t imagine the scenario where I’d take Rog seriously. By the way, anybody who can afford to cut their annual salary to $1 is making too much money. And even at a buck, Rog is overpaid.

  • Cols714

    What does anyone think of the rumor that Ben was concussed in the 1st half of the SB? It would certainly explain his missing some wide open guys.

    • Randy Steele

      I thought his injured foot was bothering him quite a bit during that game. His throws were often sailing high, which can be caused by not being able to properly set your back foot.

      But I’m not saying that to make excuses. They got beat, fair and square. Period.

    • GlennW

      Have we ever lost a game in which Ben wasn’t rumored to have been injured? Okay, I exaggerate, but I pay little attention to these kind of rumors (often Ben-fueled), because by the Super Bowl everyone is injured to some extent and the impact on particular plays and such is purely speculative.

      I’ll make an exception for Polamalu’s production in the playoffs, which dropped off pretty noticeably with the injury later confirmed (by “unnamed team sources”) to have been more serious than reported at the time. Still, even then it’s kind of a “so what, nothing you can do about it” situation.