Steelers Post-Combine, Pre-Lockout/CBA Draft Musings and Mini-Mock

The NFL combine is complete, but we still have no resolution on if there will be a lockout and how the labor situation affects potential Steelers’ free agents.

Before discussing the draft, one thing is obvious: The Steelers have a deep and veteran squad poised for another Super Bowl run in 2011, but I doubt Pittsburgh would even be a playoff team in the top-heavy and quarterback-dominant AFC if it allows veteran cornerback Ike Taylor to leave via free agency.

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Taylor is that important to the league’s best defense, in large part because a hypothetical starting cornerback combo of the slow-hipped Bryant McFadden and physically limited William Gay (who could be an unrestricted free agent if a CBA is reached soon) might be the worst combo in the NFL, with neither capable of matching up against top-flight receivers in man-coverage.

I understand the logic behind using the franchise tag on outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, a 26-year-old outstanding pass rusher, who also plays well against the run and is serviceable in pass coverage. Woodley’s best football lies ahead, and he would have garnered one of the league’s highest paydays if allowed to test the free-agent waters.

However, if Woodley left, Pittsburgh could replace him by either moving inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons to the outside and start Larry Foote inside as a one- or two-down player, or by starting 2010 second-round pick Jason Worilds at OLB, or using some combination of Timmons and Worilds at that spot like the Steelers did successfully against Miami early this past year when Woodley was sidelined due to injury.

Pittsburgh, unfortunately, has no viable options on its roster to replace Taylor. And he is far more important to the Steelers’ success in 2011 — and probably 2012 — than Woodley, and will be one of the highest-priced free-agent cornerbacks on the market if a CBA is reached that includes free agency for 2011. Despite his love for the Steelers organization, Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau, I do not expect Taylor to stay if another team offers him much more guaranteed money. Of course, if no agreement is reached until late summer or into the fall, I doubt there will be any free agency this offseason and Taylor would then be back for sure.

Regardless if Taylor is in Pittsburgh next year, cornerback is the Steelers’ No. 1 need, both for the short-term and the long-term, particularly since Taylor will turn 31 in May. However, the NFL combine now has me convinced that Pittsburgh should not address its need at corner until the second- or third-round of the 2011 NFL Draft even if Taylor departs via free agency.

That is because the Steelers can get much better value in the second round at cornerback while filling their No. 2 need on the offensive line in round No. 1, or addressing a long-term need on the defensive line by drafting the best player available with their first pick.

The Steelers should pass on the three possible corners that could be on the board when they pick at No. 31 in the first round. Despite lacking some fluidity, Colorado’s Jimmy Smith showed himself as a top-20 talent at the combine by checking in at 6-2, 211 pounds, and running a 4.46 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He also bench-pressed 225 pounds 24 times, and managed 36 inches on his vertical leap.

The only reasons Smith might fall to the Steelers are because of his checkered past character concerns. Accordingly, he is probably already off the Steelers’ draft board.

The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said Texas’ Aaron Williams looks more like a zone corner and future free safety to him than a top cover corner. That sounds like McFadden. Pittsburgh, though, needs someone who can cover in man and do so instantly. Miami’s Brandon Harris looked much more fluid in pass-coverage drills, but is shorter than 5-foot-10 and ran a mediocre 4.51 in the 40. He is not worth a first-round pick.

Instead, the Steelers can take a quality coverage player such as Utah’s Brandon Burton, Texas’ Curtis Brown, Louisville’s Johnny Patrick, or Virginia Tech’s Rashad Carmichael – the last two names should be available at the end of the second round.

While I love to read his articles and respect the opinion of Jim Wexell at, I would be enraged if Pittsburgh drafted UCLA safety Rahim Moore in the first round as he desires at this point, even though Moore did look sharp in defensive-back drills at the combine.

Never mind that Ryan Clark is signed for three more years, Moore probably would not have been even considered a top-40 pick in last year’s loaded safety draft, particularly after his poor physicals at the combine, where he ran a 4.62 in the 40, was measured at under 6 feet, and did a measly 11 reps of 225 pounds. I do not want a Steelers’ free safety that I can out bench-press. You need a physical free safety in the AFC North — not someone who must work out with Kevin Durant in the offseason.

Florida guard Mike Pouncey and Wisconsin defensive end J.J. Watt – two of my long-time favorites as potential Steelers’ first-round picks – had such strong combine performances that they could be off the board before Pittsburgh selects. The Steelers can hold out a little hope, though, because interior offensive linemen tend to fall in drafts and Watt could go much later than expected due to so much depth and talent at defensive end among first-round prospects.

Tackle could be a major strength for the Steelers in 2011 if Max Starks, Willie Colon, Flozell Adams and Jonathan Scott are all on the roster, although Colon could depart if there is unrestricted free agency, and the 35-year-old Adams has yet to decide if he will play another season. Either way, tackle is a future need for the Steelers with only Starks signed through 2012 and no one on the current roster inked beyond 2012. Knowing that, the Steelers must get a developmental tackle prospect in this draft, probably one who could compete with Scott for a starting spot at RT in 2012.

I expect the top four offensive tackles in the draft (Nate Solder, Tryon Smith, Gabe Carimi and Anthony Castonzo) to be gone when the Steelers pick at No. 31. However, I would be very happy if Pittsburgh grabbed Mississippi State’s Derek Sherrod, who had a decent combine performance, could potentially play either tackle spot, and is a 50-50 to still be on the board at the end of the first round.

As it stands, I have Sherrod No. 2 on my realistic wish list for the first round behind Ohio State defensive end Cameron Heyward, who did not work out at the combine due to an elbow injury. Still, Heyward checked in at 294 pounds and he has shown he could dominate on the biggest stage. Ohio State is still 0h-for-its-existence against the SEC if Heyward does not cause constant chaos in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas despite injuring his ankle early in the game.

I have been following the draft in-depth for 27 years and this is easily the best set of first-round defensive ends (both 3-4 and 4-3) over that span. Heyward would be a top-15 or top-20 pick in any other year, but because of depth at the position, probably has a 50-50 shot of being available when the Steelers select. If Pittsburgh really does draft the best player available, then the pick should be a defensive end this year.

Heyward would not fill an immediate need. In fact, he would enter next season as the Steelers’ No. 4 defensive end and No. 6 defensive lineman overall. But he could move up in the rotation during the year, since it is reasonable to assume that veterans Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel will remain healthy all season.

Smith, who will turn 35 in April, is a free agent after 2011 and may be best off retiring at that point. The problem in drafting Heyward, though, is that Hood and Keisel are both signed through 2013, and I cannot project Heyward to start over Keisel until the end of 2012 at the earliest. So it may be unwise to draft a defensive lineman as a luxury first-round pick when the Steelers’ lack of talent at corner kept them from winning a Super Bowl last season and a new starter will be needed at offensive tackle before defensive end.

Assuming a stud like Pouncey does not fall to the Steelers and that both Sherrod and Heyward are off the board, I would prefer the Steelers trade down rather than reach for a defensive back in the first round, possibly picking up an extra third-round pick in the process.

For example, Pittsburgh could trade its 31st pick overall to San Diego (which has a boatload of draft picks and historically likes to trade up) for the 50th and 82nd overall.

The Steelers then could draft something like this:

2(50): Curtis Brown, CB, Texas
2(63): Allen Bailey, DE, Miami
3(82): Jason Pinkston, RT/G, Pitt
3(95): Lance Kendricks, TE/FB, Wisconsin

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  • jim wexell

    That’s an incorrect statement about “my desire.”

  • Randy Steele

    I thought Pinkston looked pretty ratty during the combine. No, thank you.

    • Randy Steele

      And by “pretty ratty,” I mean I thought he looked like a giant Jell-O mold falling off a table.

    • Ted

      Randy, He did not look great for sure, but we tend to like our RTs very short. The beauty of Pinkston is that he has a decent chance of being a serviceable RT, but if not will end up a very good guard, IMHO.

  • ecks

    does ras-i dowling merit any consideration?

    • Ted

      Ecks, Dowling is a lot like A. Williams. A big zone corner that will likely end up at FS. We need someone who can actually cover a receiver instead of a zone area like McFadden. When we tried to play McFadden in man, it was a disaster. Believe it or not, William Gay was easily our best second coverage corner last year.

  • Grw1960

    I would be fore the Steelers trading down. Though I see SD as an unlikely team to trade with. I have thought of this scenario with SD and others. While certainly possible in my mind it is the least likely of the teams I considered.
    If the Steelers do trade down with someone, I will agree with your first pick but not the rest.
    2:50 – Curtis Brown
    2:63 – TE Lance Kendricks … unless G/T Ben Ijalana fall this far then hope Hendricks falls to 3:82
    3:82 – DT – Jarvis Jenkins
    3:95 – CB RasI dowling or maybe a slipped WR

    • Ted

      Hey, I may like that draft better, but still doubt Kendricks goes that high even with his good showing at the Wisconsin pro-day. He is an H-back that will likely never be an every-down player. I do like J. Jenkins and am not a fan of Bailey. However, with the big Ziggy Hood on one side for the future, I would think we would want someone quicker than a 6-4, 315-pounder like Jenkins who some teams are projecting a 4-3 noseguard.

      I do not want Dowling, but would love him that late and after we had taken a real coverage guy. But I doubt he slips this far after an impressive combine showing. Moreover, we have to take an offensive lineman before the end of day 2.

      • Anonymous

        2:50 – Patrick Peterson
        2:63 – Tyron Smith
        3:82 – Prince Amukamara
        3:95 – Anthony Castonzo

  • Cols714

    I love that you would be “enraged”. And then Moore would become a pretty good player just like all of the other Steelers 1st round picks over the last decade.

    • Ted

      Kendall Simmons was not a “pretty good player”, but we have been successful in the first round because we take more productive players and get better value than Moore would represent at 31. I have no problem taking him if we traded down or up to somewhere in the 40s. But he is not worthy of the No. 31 pick and I think all agree we have much greater needs for this fall and 2012 at other positions than FS (e.g., CB, RG, OT). Plus, his 4.62 time in the 40 ended the talk of Moore possibly being able to play CB early in his NFL career. C. Lake ran a 4.4.

      • Cols714

        Whatever. Just because you don’t think he’s worthy of the #31 pick does not make him not worthy. If Colbert and Tomlin take him, I’m pretty confident that he’ll be a pretty good player.

        And Kendall Simmons is a bad example and you know it. His career got derailled by injuries and diabetes, he wasn’t a bad pick.

        I don’t understand your crazy passion on certain players in the draft. To get “enraged” over a draft pick is really really dumb. Especially considering the track record of the team doing the drafting. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t, criticize picks, I just don’t see a reason to get angry about it.. But I’m sure that you are able to find out much more about Moore by watching YouTube clips and from the NFL Combine than real actual NFL scouts who think he’s pretty good.

  • RoB D

    Pat Kirwan seems to think a lot of QB’s will go in this draft. Could be an ideal scenario for someone at another position to slip to the Steelers.

    Not into the draft thing much, but I appreciate the work ted and others do on this. Very interesting and it certainly sparks discussion. many have re-watched the SB? I haven’t..can’t get past the kickoff…not ready yet. I clearly have issues! LOL..


    This was a great article, definitely putting a trade down as a wise and worth move, but then, your take goes to the drain, why on earth we should use a thrid round pick on a freakin’ fullback?, you just metioned that we can not afford a luxury pick that does not fill a major need and the you go and waste one of the picks that you just earned in the proposed deal. Crash and burn. I’d rather then reach for a CB than end up with a “Steeler Football”-ish kinda pick.

    • Ted

      JC, I agree with you. I would rater have a second DB before taking a luxury pick. Moreover, I will not project the Steelers taking a TE/HB/FB in the first four rounds unless we pick up an extra draft choice from trading down. However, the front office evidently likes the notion based on who we interviewed at the combine, and the great deal of interest we are reportedly showing in Kendricks and Williams. Wex seems to think we are targeting one of these two, and he has more insight on who we will draft than any national expert.

  • Dennis Doubleday

    I would rather see the Steelers trade up than down. They have a lot of depth, so having more picks who are quality backups is not really what they need. They need a high impact player at CB, which they could get by trading up. Or, failing that, trade up to get the other Pouncey. This would set in place the PME (Pouncey Multiplier Effect) for the next decade, since either one would be less likely to leave as a free agent if his brother was here.

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