Baron Batch Has a Blog You Should Check Out

For the past three days something related to the NFL draft has been on my television, mainly as background noise while I did other stuff around the house (cleaning, some other writing work, etc.) only to check in whenever the Steelers were on the clock. After the sixth round I finally became bored with the process and left, figuring the seventh round pick would either be somebody I hadn’t heard of or a player I knew nothing about. For the most part, that proved to be correct with Texas Tech running back Baron Batch — and I never imagined I’d instantly want to start pulling for him to make the team before he even plays a down of football.

Ryan already gave you the nuts and bolts to his story, as well as an awesome video where he talks about the path he’s had to travel to make it to this point, and it’s all pretty incredible. Analysts and NFL people always talk about “high character guys,” and it’s hard to imagine somebody being a higher character guy than this kid. He’s not only a good enough football player to have his name called during the NFL draft (an accomplishment in itself), he also appears to be a quality person that has utilized the power of the Internet to put himself out there for the world to see. And you should check it out.

He writes a personal blog (which you can find by clicking right here) that includes everything from his spiritual side, his work as a philanthropist and just about everything else going on with his life both right now and in the past. There’s some pretty remarkable things in here, including one particular post he wrote the night before meeting with the Steelers for a pre-draft visit where he was giving advice to a person that e-mailed him asking for help. The post ends with a picture of him and his siblings sleeping on the floor next to a spaceheater with the message “never forget what you come from.”

And here’s how he describes himself on his blog’s “about me section.”

My name is Baron. I am very sarcastic.I love to travel. I have a pet turtle. I dont like deep water. I dont like to fly. I am very creative. I like taking pictures. I like sunsets. I like cheesecake. I like to bowl. I like to play pingpong. I love wearing ties. I can actually tie a bow-tie. I am very competitive. I have a big family and am in the middle. I hate when people leave crushed chips in the bottom of the bag. I like christmas lights. I love people. I hate doing dishes and unloading groceries. I like to cook. I like to eat even more. I dont like taking showers in places that have bad water pressure. I accidentally killed 17 tiny glow fish one time. Toe hair grosses me out. This is my blog…..and this is me.

So there you go. I like him already.

Baron Batch’s Blog [Link]
He’s also on Twitter [Link]

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  • SteelerBill

    God help the kid – he put his e-mail address on his Blog….over/under on how long until he takes that down? The Yinzers will eat that up….

  • Sean

    The thing that I noticed immediately when looking at his stats is that he has NEVER fumbled the ball in a game in 4 years!

    • Gretz

      I also found a video of him running Curtis Brown down from behind after an interception. We’ll get that up within the next day.