On the Clock: Steelers’ Sixth-Round Projection

Needs at This Spot: Best-player available could be RB, OL, WR, TE, NT, S

Most Likely Possibilities (With 191 off the Board and Steelers Picking at No. 196): TE Virgil Green, Nevada; RB Da’Rel Scott, Maryland; WR Darvin Adams, Auburn; OL Lee Ziemba, Auburn; OG Zach Hurd, UCONN; NT Ian Williams, Notre Dame; NT Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss; OG Keith Wiliams, Nebraska; OG Andrew Jackson, Fresno State; S Deunta Williams, North Carolina; TE Weslye Saunders, South Carolina

The Pick Should Be: 1. Green, 2. Ziemba, 3. Ian Wiliams, 4. Scott, 5. Deunta Williams, 6. Powe, 7. Hurd (lots of other good options as well.)

The Pick Should Not Be: Any LB, K, or CB, and I prefer to also not take a WR since I doubt that players make the team this fall at this point of the draft. That said, I would not be surprised at all if the Steelers do draft a receiver, since Kevin Colbert has stated that he thinks this particular draft is deep at wide out, even though that board had to of dwindle considerably.

The Pick Will Be: TE Virgil Green (a huge steal at this point, but I also said that last round about the same player, who most experts projected to go in the third round. In fact, ESPN ranked Green as its No. 77 player overall in the draft, which makes him the highest-ranked player yet not taken. In other words, something may be keeping him on the board at this point that we do not know about).

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