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Steelers Lounge Podcast #43.1: Doug Farrar Talks NFL Draft

Hey peeps, it’s a very special Steelers Lounge podcast. I talked to Doug Farrar of and’s Shutdown Corner Friday about — you guessed it — next week’s draft. I described Doug in a previous podcast as the blogger’s … Continue reading

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Steelers Lounge Podcast #43: It’s the Offseason, Part VII — Troy Polamalu

Hey, the draft’s in a week. And I still have no idea who the Steelers will take 31st overall or, hell, who I think they should take. Depending on the day, it’s either cornerback or offensive tackle (today: cornerback). But … Continue reading

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Steelers Release 2011 Schedule, Season Opens at Baltimore

Even though the NFL and its players are still fighting over billions of dollars and are currently in the middle of an increasingly annoying lockout, the 2011 schedule was released on Tuesday evening. The Steelers will open the season on … Continue reading

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What Can the Steelers Expect From a Rookie CB in 2011?

I think we all agree on this: the Steelers could use a young cornerback whether free agent Ike Taylor is a member of the team in 2011 or not. If any of these mock drafts are accurate, and if a … Continue reading

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A Look at the Steelers Before Chuck Noll, Joe Greene Turned Them Into Winners

If you’re a semi-regular reader of this site you’re probably aware of our fascination with Steelers history, no matter how random or obscure it may be (Two words: Walter Abercrombie). Since the early 1970′s the Steelers have been one of … Continue reading

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SL Discussion Thread for Week of April 18

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

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For Reasons We Can’t Explain, Here’s a Walter Abercrombie Highlight Video

Sandwiched between the careers of Franco Harris and Tim Worley was the probably forgotten career of Walter Abercrombie, the Steelers’ first round pick (No. 12 overall) in 1982 out of Baylor University. And while his career was never destined for … Continue reading

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2011 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft, Version 5

Okay, it is time to stop worrying about how free agency or the NFL labor strife will affect the Steelers in the draft. Pittsburgh, like every other team in the league, will not have those answers before the draft, and … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Round Up: 3.0

Leading up to April’s draft we’ll take an occasional look around the web and update you on a list of mock drafts and which players people have going to the Steelers. This is the third such update. We’re searching the … Continue reading

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Fantasy Island Mock Draftin’: What if Steelers Had Pats’ First Six Picks?

Here’s something I didn’t know until the other day: the Patriots have six of the first 92 picks in the NFL Draft. That fact had somehow escaped me, although given Bill Belichick’s penchant for wheelin’ and dealin’, it’s not at … Continue reading

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