SL Discussion Thread for Week of April 25

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

FINALLY! Something to actually talk about this week. That’s right, folks, it’s draft week and we’ll have all sorts of fun stuff leading up to Thursday and for the entire three day (seriously?) event. So keep on checking back.

– Is Aaron Williams the cornerback the Steelers need? [Post-Gazette]

– Whether he is or isn’t the cornerback the Steelers need, Dale Lolley has Williams going to the Steelers in his first mock draft. [NFL From The Sidelines]

– We’ve talked about Jonathan Baldwin before, but what if the Steelers did the unexpected and took him anyway? [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– The latest Steel Curtain Radio podcast asks the question: Is Kevin Colbert overrated? I’m going to vote with a “No.” [Steel Curtain Radio]

– The Pittsburgh Power won on Thursday night to improve to 3-3 on the season. [Pittsburgh Power]

– Here’s another reminder to follow all of us on Twitter: Me (@agretz), JJ (@jjcoop36) and Steelers Lounge (@Steelers_Lounge). And you can also follow us on Facebook.

– And for your random YouTube: Here’s one of the surprises from last year’s draft class, sixth-round pick Antonio Brown…

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  • Bigswa

    2011 STEELERS DRAFT BREAKDOWN w/ Jim Wexell , JJ Cooper, and Mike Bean
    Click Link to Listen:

  • Anonymous

    In addition to obvious play design and running by Browns, hats off to the great blocking on the “back” side of that return by Mundy and Sylvester.

  • Anonymous

    In addition to obvious play design and running by Browns, hats off to the great blocking on the “back” side of that return by Mundy and Sylvester.

  • Anonymous

    Random wacky specialist draft questions:
    Where would you draft a place-kicker who couldn’t ever handle kickoffs but hit 90 yard field goals 90% of the time and gained another 1% for every ten yards closer?
    Where would you draft a kickoff specialist who got touchbacks 100% of the time?
    Where would you draft a kickoff specialist with average distance but who could reliably get 15 second hangtimes on the bounce?

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Why would Robo Kicker be able to kick 90 yard FGs with such accuracy but not be able to kickoff? As for your question, I’d pick him either #1 overall or close to it. You wouldn’t need a roster spot for a punter, which would help with roster flexibility, we’d never have to hear Eddie B bellyaching about the Sepulveda pick again. Plus the whole automatic extra 9-15 points a game thing.

    The 15 second hang time would turn every kickoff into the equivalent of an onsides kick but without giving up field possession. That’s like 2-3 extra turnovers a game, so again I’ll say that’s worth the top overall pick or so.

    A kickoff specialist who got 100% touchbacks would be valuable, but not as much as the other two. Assuming he couldn’t kick field goals, I wouldn’t pick him first overall. That’s only about 30 yards a game better than Cundiff, but without FGs. Plus, with the rule change, Cundiff may be like 65% this year. Maybe 4th round?

    • Anonymous

      The answer to your first question is obviously “magic.” I agree with your other analyses. I did mis-ask the question about the onside robot. I meant to indicate that the average distance would be average for the type of kickoff. So if he were to attempt a normal kickoff he gets an average # of touchbacks, and normal distribution centering somewhere probably around the 10. On the bounce he would consistently get the 15 second hangtimes, but would deal with the average 15 yards or so distance those kicks generally go. So the ball position is still a risk, but the recovery rate would increase dramatically. I still think he’s a first rounder.

  • Anonymous

    espn ranked their top 10 quarterbacks:

    I’ll spoil it for you. Roethlisberger came in 5th, which I think is pretty fair. I would have him 4th, personally, behind Manning, Brees, and Rivers, but everyone has their opinions, and these seem sensible.