Steelers Draft Nebraska G Keith Williams

Well, well, well. Look who predicted that the Steelers would take Nebraska guard Keith Williams in the sixth round. Yep, that’s right: this guy (you can’t see, but my thumbs are pointing at my chest).

So you’d think that anyone who knew enough to project the Steelers grabbing Williams at the end of the draft would also have some insights on the player.

You’d think wrong. It’s no secret: I know jack about the draft, especially after the first 100 names Mike Mayock has burned into my subconscious are all off the board. The reality is that Williams visited the Steelers a couple weeks ago (by the way, four of Pittsburgh’s six 2011 picks were at the South Side this spring), and my mock draft consisted of skimming the list and filling in names. In NFL front-office circles this is commonly referred to as the “Matt Millen Method.”

So, about Williams: 6’4, 318, 32 3/8-inch arms, and the scouting report:

Williams’ mentality, size and strength should allow him to become a solid backup guard in the league. Pass blocking technique must improve. Needs to get set quicker, deliver a punch and become more active with his hands. However, he does show the ability to hold up even when initially beat. If he can take better angles, and stay low in the running game, could be an area of strength. Despite these deficiencies, he still flashes the ability to blow defenders off the ball and get out in space while pulling. Plays angry and doesn’t stop until the whistle. Seven round / rookie free agent.

And some in-depth notes via

Steelers Lounge draft analyst Ted weighs in, too: “I still would love to get Jonathan Scott back, but I doubt that happens unless Willie Colon becomes an unrestricted free agent. Regardless, Keith Williams may be batting Chris Scott for a roster spot, or they could both stick as No. 9 and No. 10 offensive linement. That is going to be tougher now, though, since we will likely keep 6 CBs.”

This is the only video I could find of Williams, which is one more than I expected.

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