Steelers Grab RB Baron Batch in 7th Round

So it ends. The 2011 NFL Draft is over, the Steelers stayed put for every one of their selections, and wrapped it all up by taking Texas Tech RB Baron Batch 232nd overall.

Here’s Mike Mayock’s take:

“I’m so happy that young man got drafted. You want to talk about a kid who has had to deal with an awful lot off the field. To come back — not just off the field but on-the-field injuries — and what he’s gone through in his lifetime.

“I love where he ended up being drafted. The Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the best locker rooms in the league. … Baron’s coming out of a spread offense, this is a tough kid … and he just keeps coming back. The Pittsburgh Steelers love this kind of story, so I’m really excited for Baron Batch, and I’m really excited for what he can bring to the Steelers.”

Hadn’t previously heard of Batch but after hearing Mayock’s comments I was intrigued. And … well, wow. Here’s Batch’s story:

I hope Batch makes the team solely based on that video. As for the on-the-field stuff, Charles Davis offers this: “Swing him out of the backfield, [let him] catch the football — which he had to do an awful lot of in the spread offense — he also showed the ability to run it. But get him in space, and then he showed some toughness downfield. You noticed him finishing the run, not necessarily trying to evade all the contact.”

And now your obligatory highlight video:

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  • Randy Steele

    How can you not root for this kid?

    • Stuart Ingham

      Well some MIGHT find the idea that God inflicts injury on people in order to incur their faith somewhat obnoxious.

      However, seems like an eloquent, determined a responsible guy.

      • mcowdery

        Pfft. He said that God takes tragedies and turns them into blessings. I find ppl who try to look down on ppl for there beliefs obnoxious.

  • Gretz

    He also has a blog that is extremely interesting.

  • Pablo222

    Steelers made a steal with Batch. Batch is the total package. In a pass happy program, he almost made a 1000 yards which is impressive. He is a back that can block, be an extra receiver or even be the 3rd down back who can get positive yards. With the offense Steelers have, Batch could if he should become the starter could be a 1000 yard rusher. Batch ran against some of the toughest defenses in college football and had several 100 yard games against Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Michigan State just to name a few teams that are not cupcakes. I am glad he found a home in the NFL because he was overshadowed at RB at Texas Tech because of the passing game that is still a top level offense in the nation.

  • ROb D

    Great pick..The story alone is something to get your attention but the production at a pass happy program is impressive.

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  • ryan

    Eddie B thinks Baron could be the new Mewelde. Eddie also thinks Ike re-signs, which I agree with.

  • SteelerBill

    Great video Adam – ummm Jackson 5?

  • Anonymous

    I read his blog. Amazing.

    As for his running, well he’s not fast, and he’s not really powerful. But he does appear to be shifty. He has good body control and can twist his hips enough to run through arm tackles or make people miss, and he sometimes is able to run over people by positioning himself for good leverage rather than using raw power. Also, while not a high speed guy, he does seem to share a good quality with Mike Wallace in that he gets up to top speed quickly.

  • Sean

    That video “I Am Second”, was very powerful and moving! – I’m now pulling for Baron Batch too!

  • Tim446011

    i love this kid quick off the line super speed going to fit in good

  • Anonymous

    Well, he hits the hole mighty fast. Changes directions and speeds nicely. Doesn’t go down easily. Catches well. DOESN”T FUMBLE – EVER. And has played three years since his only significant injury. And a classy kid.

    What’s not to like? Can he block on third down? Watching some of those runs makes me wonder if he returns kickoffs.

    • mcowdery

      that pretty much sums it up, although I thought I read somewhere that he does fumble some. If that’s true then that’s the only knock I’ve heard about, other than him being slow…in which case, after watching the highlights I find hard to believe!

  • Rocksoldier1066

    Just looking at this kid’s videos two things came to mind. From the ‘I AM SECOND’ video if you notice his face…his face has a slight resemblance to Barry Sanders. He reminded me of Barry Sanders in that way.

    And if you look at his highlight film from HS and at Texas Tech…his running style is somewhat similar to Gale Sayers. NOT saying this kid is gonna turn into the ‘next’ Barry Sanders or Gale Sayers BUT whatever this kid does for the Pittsburgh Steelers it’s gonna be something SPECIAL!!