Steelers Lounge Podcast #42: It’s the Offseason, Part VI — Dick Hoak

We’re back for another podcast and, yes, we’re still talking hypothetical predraft scenarios! (For the love of all that’s holy, please, NFL and the outfit formerly known as the players union, get a deal done. The monotony is killing me.)

In the meantime, we talk about the lopsided results in Gretz’s latest Generational Grudge Match: Deebo vs. Lloyd, and we preview the upcoming Big Ben vs. Terry Bradshaw matchup.

And because there isn’t any actual football ongoing, we hop in the Steelers Lounge Time Machine and wonder what the Steelers would now look like if they had drafted Chad Pennington in 2000 instead of Plaxico Burress (and Gretz wrote about it here).

Finally, we turn to the 2011 Draft, which is now two weeks away. JJ kinda-sorta makes a case for Danny Watkins at 1.31, and we discussed what Pittsburgh should do if there aren’t any first-round talents still on the board at the bottom of the round.

Gum-smackin’ starts below…

Just a heads-up: the audio quality isn’t great this episode — JJ was traveling for work and we did the podcast while he drove down the backroads of North Carolina. But, hey, you folks want podcasts, so we battled through it. You’re welcome.

Steelers Lounge Podcast #42: It’s the Offseason VI

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • ROb D

    Great show guys….I agree about Mike Pouncey, BTW. I think the halo effect is in full bloom. He”s a good player to take in the 2nd round.

  • Anonymous

    If the Steelers had drafted Tom Brady in the spot where they took Tee Martin, at what point does he see the field in the regular season? He doesn’t beat out Kordell in 2001, does he? Is he good enough in camp and practice that he gets the ball instead of Maddox in that third game of 2002 against Cleveland? And if he does, is he impressive enough to keep it?

  • Wdmchan

    Great podcast as usual. I have to disagree, though about Tim Lewis (ryan). He is not a HoF coach by any stretch, but I think their secondary was awful, but the defenses weren’t that bad. 2001 the defense was pretty rugged, and even in 2003 their defense was a victim of Tommy Gun as much as anything. They were ranked 9th despite all that. No, I don’t want him back, but he did field decent, if not legendary defenses.

    • ryan

      Fair enough. Without looking at the numbers, the run defenses were always pretty good and, right, there’s only so much you can do with Lethon Flowers, Brent Alexander, Chad Scott and DeWayne Washington.

      I remember sitting in the stands for the Chargers game in 2003, long after the Steelers’ season had been decided, and wondering why the hell it took Cowher so long to bench Washington for Deshea Townsend. (I think that was the first game Deshea started.)

      My lasting memory from that game, though, was watching Farrior destroy Doug Flutie after Schottenheimer gave Drews Brees the hook for being inconsistent. Think about that for a second.