Steelers Lounge Podcast #43.1: Doug Farrar Talks NFL Draft

Hey peeps, it’s a very special Steelers Lounge podcast. I talked to Doug Farrar of and’s Shutdown Corner Friday about — you guessed it — next week’s draft.

I described Doug in a previous podcast as the blogger’s Mike Mayock and I mean that in the most laudatory way possible. He’s one of the hardest working guys I know, and we discussed how he got into watching film, what he looks for and, of course, which players he likes for the Steelers in the first few rounds.

Earlier today, Wex tweeted that “With news that Flozell Adams will return, Colon expected to leave. So money’s coming in on Orlando Franklin as 1st-rounder. Odds now at 8-1.”

So, naturally, I got Doug’s take on Franklin (he’s intrigued by him and has him at No. 62 in his Shutdown Corner predraft rankings).

I also give Doug my first-round draft theory: the Steelers should focus on cornerback (like, say, Brandon Harris) because of the obvious depth issues, and because there is less likely to be a player in later rounds capable of playing in the sub-packages in Year 1.

Other topics we touched on: Derek Sherrod (pro-ready, but not a guard, at least as the Steelers like them), Nate Solder (“raw like sushi”), Marcus Cannon (2nd-round option), James Carpenter (similar to Franklin in aggressiveness), and Davon House (“Jimmy Smith lite”).

Finally, Doug and I review his 40-yard dash.

This is my nomination for video of the year and I give Doug props for not editing out the part where he falls down. Absolutely love it.

Talking starts below…

Steelers Lounge Podcast #43.1: Doug Farrar Talks NFL Draft

Steelers Lounge Podcast

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  • Anonymous

    My first thought was “Doug Farrar looks a lot like Da’Quan Bowers.”

  • Mike L

    Brandon Harris and Orlando Franklin would be very disappointing for me. I posted it on the CB post but I was late and noone responded, kicking Ike inside against 3 wide and using safety help over the top for B-Mac and the other 6’0 CB from the 2nd round would be my choice. The Steelers are a physical team so we should embrace that fact and stuff the Wes Welkers and other quick slot guys out there. With the Steeler’s first round pick Nate Solder is the best pick even if we have to trade up to 25 to get him. Why, we will need him in two years. Getting a strong pass blocking LT is difficult especially for teams drafting at the bottom of the first rd. We have a good coach to work with him. Who is the 2nd best position coach on the Steelers? Does his name rhyme with Mugler? I did some research, most LT lose some athleticism when they enter their 30′s. So unless they are great athlete or have exceptional technique (i.e. one of the best in the league) they either start jumping, holding or need to move to RT (Flozell anyone). Also Max Starks’ salary is going to be 7 and 8 million respectively over the next two years. The Steelers have better players to use that type of money on; Woodley, Taylor and Troy. The big pill to swallow is knowing you have a guy who is not going to contribute much in his 1st season. If Spaeth or David Johnson get injured he can come in and play some TE in two or 3 TE sets.

    Sherrod is the 2nd option if available. He is one of the few player who might be available at 31 who could play LT. Unless Jimmy Smith falls and the Steelers feel Lake can work with him, I see Harris and Williams as high 2nd round players. Trading with the Eagles would force the Steelers to swap 3rd and 5th round picks. Something the Steelers could afford if they are able to keep Colon, Spaeth under the new CBA, which is looking more likely. Then the Steelers would have a good chance to get one of the quality 2nd rd CB after the rush on WR and QB is over.

    The 3rd option is trading down. If Justin Houston or Brooks Reed are still available SD may want to trade up as Ted has mention in another post. There is a large drop off in 3-4 rush LBs after these two guys and they will be hard to get past GB and NE who have the next two picks.

    • JJ Cooper


      You write that as if we’re assured that Ike Taylor will be in Pittsburgh next year. What’s your plan if he leaves in free agency. Also if you draft Justin Houston or Brooks Reed, how many snaps do you anticipate them getting in the next 2-3 years?

      • Ted

        JJ, he is saying SD (which has a lot of picks) might be willing to trade up to the back end of the first round to get Houston or Reed before the Packers pick. Thankfully, he is not calling for the Steeler to use their first-round pick on an OLB but rather on a quality, potential LT even if that means trading up some. That is a pretty sound argument.

      • Mike L

        I believe we keep Ike, with all the labor uncertainty, you know what you are getting in Pittsburgh. I think the veterans on the team will let Ike know the Steelers don’t use you and dump you. Matching the contract Stanford Routt received should keep him at home. The Steelers surprise us every year with a 2-3 year player who steps up seemingly out of nowhere and become a solid/ great starter. Steelers fan cry “we blew it, every year about high draft picks” (Timmons, Hood, even Troy), this year I expect our new secondary coach to help Lewis and Butler to contribute at CB or S. That being said we still need to use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a CB to at least give the team some leverage with Ike. This could be the year the Steelers take two CBs by the 4th round.

        Ted thanks for helping to explain, sorry JJ if I was unclear.

        My 7th round sleep this year is Dan Bailey, K Oklahoma State. I like him to come in and compete for the kicking job. Although he did not kickoff last year (and only because the teams punter is the best in the country) he definitely has the ability and might be a huge sleeper pick. His college touchback is 25-30%.

    • ryan


      Thanks for the comment. And for people too lazy to look, here’s what you wrote re: Ike on Gretz’s CB post, and here are you’re Steelers mock drafts via our message boards. That’s right, people, we have message boards.

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    So, Solder’s raw OT prospect who used to be a TE and is two years away from being a starting LT, at the earliest? Sounds like Tony Hills. Does Solder have dropfoot, too?