Random Video: That Time Steve Bono Threw a Touchdown Pass to John Stallworth

Before Hines Ward set the standard that all other Steelers wide receivers will be measured by, John Stallworth was the clubs all-time leader in catches, yards and touchdowns. He was also a Super Bowl legend thanks to his performances in 1978 and 1979 where he combined for six catches, 236 yards and three touchdowns in the two games. Talk about making splash plays. He finished his career with 536 catches and 63 touchdowns, most of which were thrown by fellow Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw.

But do you know who was calling the shots when Stallworth hauled in his 500th career catch?

Steve. Bono. And it was a touchdown. And here it is.

And what a pass it was!

Sorry, folks, but until the NFL settles its $9 billion tickle fight and the offseason continues on as normal, and until the draft gets here, this is pretty much all we’re left with: Obscure moments in franchise history that, for some reason, make me chuckle.

Bono played two seasons with the Steelers and completed 44 passes on 109 attempts — that’s about 40 percent.

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  • ROb D

    I’m glad you are still doing these clips..so many memories. I got to Three Rivers only once and it was a drunken trip with some fellow steelworkers in tow during the early 80`s., so I barely remember the details..lol..But the Steelers won.

    It’s like the NFL is in a state of suspended animation at the moment. It feels like a turning point in the league’s fortunes much like the baseball strike. And its not a good feeling at all.