Goin’ Deep: Cameron Heyward

Reader EasyLikeSundayMorning sent this comment along Tuesday night: “A suggestion for a post: a listing of the best articles, videos, scouting reports, etc. for each of our draft picks. I’m lazy and I assume I’m not the only one.”

If there’s one thing we admire it’s honesty about laziness. So, yes, of course. We’d LOVE to put together the best reads, vids and scouting reports of the Steelers draft class. I figure we’ll break this up by players so as not to overwhelm you, and to also spread out the content since, you know, there currently is no football. On we trudge…

The info on Cameron Heyward is exhaustive, although I suspect it will be a much harder for guys like Cortez Allen and Keith Williams. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Enjoy.

1.31. Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio St.

Good reads…
* Ohio State’s Heyward a mirror image of his father [Post-Gazette]
* Heyward Determined to Escape Dad’s Shadow [NorthJersey.com]
* Heyward Lacking as OSU’s Big Name [Ohio.com]
(Editor’s note: nothing screams credibility like killing a guy and then two weeks later backtracking with “Just kidding! I think he’s great!”)

Scoutin’ reports…
* The Shutdown 40: #28 – Cameron Heyward [Doug Farrar, Shutdown Corner]
* ESPN’s Big Ten blogger on Cameron Heyward
* Steelers Right to Take Heyward [Ted's take, Steelers Lounge]

vs. Oregon, Rose Bowl, Jan. 2010
Heyward looks like a bigger, faster Aaron Smith (and with two working arms, too!)

vs. Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin, 2010
Upon first viewing, Carimi wins.

vs. Illinois, 2010
Heyward understands the scheme and his responsibility in it. To my untrained eye it’s pretty impressive.

vs. Arkansas, Sugar Bowl, 2011
Oh my. Complete one-armed domination.

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  • Steeler Stan

    Is there a reason you included a highlight of Jordan Cameron?

    • http://www.steelerslounge.com/ ryan

      Ha! Yes, because I’m an idiot. The most embarrassing part is that I watched part of that video (albeit late at night, but still) and didn’t realize it wasn’t Heyward.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting how at the bottom “The Shutdown 40:#28″ Scouting report that you posted above compares him to ziggy hood. They have different body types, so it must be something about the way they play that the Steelers like.

  • kyle

    I read about the Carimi game, mostly from steelers beat writers who were lukewarm on the pick. What’s funny to me is that someone was talking about Chris Carter and mentioned his game against Wisconsin and how his speed rush completely overwhelmed Carimi. So I guess if the first round pick can’t beat him the fifth round pick will.

    • Anonymous

      I think “Carimi wins” is wrong. There are four plays, all towards the end of the video, where Carimi clearly beats Heyward.

      1:30 – a pass block way out in space where Carimi stays with him perfectly and knocks him off balance.
      1:57 – a run block where Carimi pushes off the snap and really blows Heyward up thoroughly.
      2:07 – a run play quick up the middle away from Heyward. Carimi gets away with a pull down from behind.
      2:21 – a delayed run up the middle. Heyward wins the battle at the point of attack convincingly, but he fails to notice the runner running directly behind him in the space he just pushed through.

      Heyward never pushes Carimi back or gets around him to the quarterback. But on all the other running plays he holds the line. In addition, he draws four double teams.

      Pretty equal battle all told.

      • http://www.steelerslounge.com/ ryan

        Thanks, Intropy

        I didn’t watch the whole thing, and that’s why I qualified the Wisconsin game with “upon first viewing.” Although it would have been more accurate to say “upon viewing half the video.”

  • EasyLikeSundayMorning

    Ryan, this is great stuff and easy to read through and watch. Heyward looks like he has very good athleticism, motor and versatility for a DE. He almost seems like an LB in a bigger frame. He seems like a terrific fit for the Steelers, and I could see LeBeau using him in various creative ways. And he sounds like a great guy. My only question is if he has the elite strength to be the Aaron Smith replacement. I could see Heyward more like Keisel and Ziggy playing more of the Smith role.

    Also, we seemed to be able to stop the run without an NT on the field at times last year. So I can also imagine some formations with 3 or 4 of Smith, Keisel, Hood and Heyward on the field at the same time. It should be a really interesting and versatile DL.

    In memory of Ironhead, and as a reference to The Jerk, I’ve been calling Heyward “McGinty.” Hopefully he’ll have that kind of, um, fortitude.