Hines Ward Is Your Dancing With the Stars Champion

Hines Ward wrapped up his Dancing With the Stars appearance on Tuesday night and came away as the king of celebrities-turned-dancers, winning the competition by edging out Kirstie Alley. I’ll repeat that one more time, just because I find it to be absolutely hilarious: Hines Ward, two-time Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP, beat Kirstie Alley in a competition. And people are thrilled.

That either points to the popularity of the show, the popularity of Hines Ward, or our desperate search for anything football-related to talk about. Or a combination of all three.

Either way, congratulations to Hines and his partner, Kym Johnson, who actually overcame an injury in practice a couple of weeks ago to help earn the win.

You can discuss the show, and whether or not you watched it, right here.

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  • http://twitter.com/SteelerBill13 Bill Pintsak

    Highest rated DWTS the stars ever….They should thank SteelerNation for that.  First and last time I’ll watch the show (I watched the entire season this year).  The format kind of reminded me of old school ‘Name that Tune’….  In any event good for Hines…..  And how about the 500 or so people that showed up for the Hines party in Pittsburgh?