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More NFL Draft Silliness…

While we wait for the 2011 season to be canceled, more words and tables about the 2000-2010 NFL Drafts and why the Steelers are so unbelievably awesome… Just a few more odds and ends from my previous SL Time Machine … Continue reading

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LLD: What Latest Opinion Means for Actual Football

Lounge Legal Department here, with your latest sure-fire cure for insomnia. As I’m sure some of you have read by now, Mike Florio is hyperventilating over at PFT about the latest judicial opinion in a story that basically amounts to … Continue reading

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SL Discussion Thread For Week of May 16

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

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SL Time Machine: More Re-Draftin’, 2000-2010

Rick Reilly has an edict that, ironically, he seems to repeat every time he opens his mouth: “One of my rules is to write sentences that have never been uttered before in the history of the English language.” I will … Continue reading

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Checking in With the Pittsburgh Power

I’ve yet to make it to my second Arena Football game (though I soon will) but have managed to catch bits and pieces of recent Pittsburgh Power games on TV. I’m still not sure how long Pittsburgh’s second run with … Continue reading

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Alan Faneca, Retirement and Revisionist History

So Alan Faneca retired yesterday. It’s easy to agree with Ed Bouchette when he writes that Faneca was the “the greatest guard in Steelers history.” But despite Faneca’s place in Steelers history — and ultimately, the Hall of Fame — … Continue reading

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Great News: Ike Wants to Stay

A few nuggets worth pointing out from this KDKA interview with Ike Taylor, the man that holds the key to the Steelers’ 2011 Super Bowl hopes and dreams. “For sure I would love to retire as a Steeler,” Taylor told … Continue reading

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SL Discussion Thread for Week of May 9

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

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Never Write in Absolutes, Especially on Willie Colon

Long-time and respected Steelers’ reporter Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blogged that there is no chance whatsoever that Willie Colon will move to guard because “he does not run well enough to play the position.” First, people should never … Continue reading

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Tiki Has Been Sent to Save the Steelers

Waiting for football, preaching to the choir… There’s a better chance the Steelers sign Ike Taylor to the most expensive contract in NFL history, but the New York Post keeps reporting it so it must be true: “Signs Point to … Continue reading

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