SL Discussion Thread For Week of May 16

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– Leading up to the NFL Draft the Steelers supposed interest in Mike Pouncey was well documented, and it resulted in a number of trade rumors centered around their desire to trade up and get Maurkice’s brother. Even though the draft was three weeks ago and Pouncey was selected by the Miami Dolphins, the rumors are still out there. Like this one that involves a report that the Steelers and Redskins had a deal in place for the No. 16 overall pick, but was nixed by the Steelers when the player they wanted — presumably Pouncey — was already off the board. My take on this matter is well documented: There is no way I would have been in favor of giving up that much to move up that far for a first-round guard, I don’t care who he is related to or how good that sibling is. It could be the spawn of Alan Faneca and John Hannah and I wouldn’t be willing to give up that much for a guard.

I’m sure Pouncey is a fine prospect and can have a wonderful career, but it goes back to the Julio Jones discussion with the Falcons and Browns. Yes, he’s a great prospect, but is he worth five other prospects? Same thing here. If the Steelers would have struck that deal — or a similar deal — and selected Pouncey they would have likely given up their second-and fifth-round picks, along with their first-round selection. Would you trade Cameron Heyward, Marcus Gilbert and Chris Carter for Mike Pouncey right now? I wouldn’t. [CBS Pittsburgh]

Update! Apparently this was all much ado about nothing. Which is good, because I would have still hated that trade.

– In the latest “As Ike Taylor’s yet to be determined free agent status turns,” Florio cites a source that says Taylor plans on testing the free agent market. Testing the market, however, doesn’t mean “signing with another team.” Ryan Clark tested the market, too. [Pro Football Talk]

– If you’re looking for something on actual football games, be sure to read up on Pittsburgh’s Arena Football League team. [Us]

– Alan Faneca retired last week. Ed Bouchette with a look at his career. [Post-Gazette]

– Troy Polamalu put his offseason to good use and earned his degree from USC. He’s also looking for outstanding students that he can send a signed jersey for being, well, outstanding. []

– Oh, and one more random link: A few months ago I started my own personal blog to write about whatever I wanted in whatever free time I have. I don’t update it that often, at least not at this point, but you should check it out. If you want. [Me]

– And for your random YouTube: I’ve said it before, but Yancey Thigpen was always one of my favorite players when I was growing up, so here he is catching a touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Three Rivers Stadium…

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  • Cols714

    Over at FO they made a list of players with the most “defeats” in 2010.

    “Defeats are defined as any play (tackle, assist, pass defensed, interception, or forced fumble) that does one of three things:
    1) causes a turnover2) causes a loss of yardage3) stops conversion on third or fourth down”

    Just pointing out that Timmons had 29 defeats, which is tops among inside LBers. Just another stat that points out just how great he was last year. I think he is probably better than everybody’s top ILB, Patrick Willis at this point and he’s miles better than everybody’s top overrated ILB, Jerod Mayo.

    Harrison, BTW had 31.

  • Bob Costas