SL Discussion Thread for Week of May 23

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– In case you missed it, here’s my chat with Steelers running back Baron Batch from the weekend. He was very nice, and you should check it out. [Us]

– At first I was convinced the rapture didn’t take place on Saturday, but after reading this quote from Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis on Sunday I’m not entirely sure. If I’m understanding this correctly, Lewis is suggesting that people have two choices for their Sunday: Watch football or commit crimes. I’ll make no other comment. [ESPN]

– I like the idea here: Is there a team you used to be indifferent toward but currently can’t stand? In a word:Yes. J-E.. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– A look at some rookies around the AFC North that could get some early playing time. Not surprisingly, Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen are mentioned for the Steelers. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

– And for your random YouTube: Well, this is just pretty cool…

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  • Anonymous

    I hate to admit it, but Ray Lewis has a good point. I mean look back at 2000. No sooner had the ’99 season ended than someone was fatally stabbed in a bar fight in Atlanta.

  • Anonymous

     I used to admire the Patriots in the Parcells/Bledsoe days. But now with the pairing of confirmed institutionalized cheating and the most overrated player in the history of football, I can’t stand them.

    I disliked Green Bay for about a month. But no, I can’t maintain that. They’re classy, down-to-earth, and talented – a model organization like the Steelers. Sometimes you get beaten, and that’s no shame, nor is it just cause to hate the opponent.

    I hate and always have hated the Cowboys. I lived in Dallas for a dozen years, so I had to deal with the constant attention they got. But I will say this, as much as I dislike the self-aggrandizement and arrogance of the Cowboys organization, I respect the fanbase. Strongly opinionated and homerific to a fault, yes (and hardly unique), but definitely not fair weather. No matter how terrible the Cowboys play, those fans love them and always think they’re on the brink of greatness.

    On the flip side, I’ve lived in Seattle for the last six years. I still respect the Seahawks organization. They aren’t what you would call good. But they seem scrappy and hard-working. The fans, though, are as fair weather as they come. And the ever-present complaints about SBXL, spurred partially by the classless Mike Holmgren, are obnoxious.

    • Randy Steele

      I agree with you about Green Bay. But if we ever face them again in a big game–and lose–they’ll join my permanent hate list. 

  • Anonymous

    watching that video I was reminded just how fast Mike Wallace is, WOW!

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      Antonio Brown, too. We may have the best trio of young receivers at any one time in Steelers history. Time will tell, but they sure have had a promising start, have lots of physical tools and appear to have their heads screwed on straight.

      That makes me think of what could be an interesting post: What part of the current Steelers team would rank as the best in franchise history? Some candidates would be QB (and the pass O in general) SS, team run D, D coordinator and arguably TE and bookend OLBs. That’s a pretty long list, given how good the franchise has been for four decades.

      • Anonymous

        It’s so hard to compare across eras. Yes today’s Steelers allow less running than 70s, but then again the NFL runs a lot less these days. Yes, today’s Steelers succeed in passing more than 70s, but then again the NFL passes more these days. I’m not entirely sure how to reconcile that.

        Further, comparing parts of a 3-4 team to analogous parts of a 4-3 team is fairly tricky even when comparing players playing at the same time.

        At QB I think Ben is better than Terry or Bobby, but I’m not sure if Ben is as much above today’s average as Terry was above his day’s. I’m going to go with probably yes. I’m not going to pretend to have the wherewithal to compare Ben and Bobby.

        At SS, Polamalu is obviously the Steelers’ best of all time, and maybe the best ever to play.

        Having invented a defensive scheme that has stood the test of time and influenced the NFL for twenty years, LeBeau is one of the greatest defensive coordinators in league history.

        • EasyLikeSundayMorning

          Intropy, I agree with everything you wrote.

  • ROb D

    Agreed about that Wallace clip…holy crap can he fly. I remember someone talking about his speed leading up to the draft by saying that he “left a vapor trail”. I thought it was hyperbole but ..apparently not…lol

    I don’t think I am alone in trying to contain my enthusiasm for this upcoming season. The lockout is one heavy and very damp blanket thrown over fan’s hopes and enthusiasm for all things NFL. But if I can get throw that damp blanket off, It’s hard not to be excited for our team especially when you see the youth at receiver. And our draft picks.

    Ray Lewis: that guy can say stuff that you totally agree with and then come back with the most illogical stuff..all in the same interview. I liked him standing up for Silverback and his hits during the season and his anger at the seeming attempt by the NFL to take hitting the QB out of the game.