Michigan Wanted Lawrence Timmons to be a Wide Receiver

This video, which was originally posted over at Behind The Steel Curtain, is from the high school days of Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons and shows the recruiting circus that followed him prior to his commitment to Florida State. In it, there’s a couple of clips of Timmons streaking down the sidelines and making plays as a wide receiver, and a brief mention that one of the schools that made his final five — the University of Michigan — wanted him to be a pass catcher at the college level.

I’d like to see it. I’d also like to see Troy Polamalu play running back and Hines Ward play strong safety…

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  • eddie

    i’m okay without seeing troy line up in the backfield – the guy is fragile enough as it is, and i can’t imagine how many concussions he’d have by halftime if he was a RB…

    although, having said that, i would have loved to see troy on that goal line dive play in super bowl XL!!

    hines at SS, we see that almost every game already.  he’d have 10x the number of INT’s that ike has, that’s fo sho.

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