SL Discussion Thread for Week of June 13

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– The Pittsburgh Power let a fourth quarter lead slip away on Saturday night in Tampa Bay and had their four-game winning streak snapped with a 62-55 loss. Combined with Cleveland’s win the Power are now tied for first place in the division. [Pittsburgh Power]

– Non-football related, but the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat on Sunday night to claim their first ever NBA title. The Mavericks, of course, are owned by Pittsburgh billionaire Mark Cuban, who did an incredibly classy thing by bringing in the original over of the Mavericks to accept the trophy. Frankly, I was looking forward to the awkward handoff between Cuban and his long-time nemesis, commissioner David Stern, but this was cool as well. I watched more of the NBA finals this year than I usually do, mainly due to the intrigue of watching the Heat poop down their legs after their preseason victory celebration and promise of multiple championships (which, in fairness, they could still win in the future). I still prefer the NFL’s postseason, and especially the NHL postseason, to the NBA. And speaking of the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins are playing a doozy of a series for the Stanley Cup with Game 6 taking place on Monday and a potential Game 7 scheduled for Wednesday (if necessary). Check it out…

– Assuming this lockout nonsense gets settled before regular season games are cancelled (and I still believe it will) you can purchase individual game tickets for the 2011 Steelers beginning on June 25 at 10 AM. Get ‘em fast, because I hear they sell like McRibs. [Post-Gazette]

– Overrated and underrated seems to have been the popular topic last week, and here’s ESPN’s crack at the NFL’s most underrated players. Their choice for the Steelers: Defensive end Brett Keisel. A worthy selection. [ESPN]

– And for your random YouTube: Here’s Warren Williams rumbling for a touchdown…

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  • Mike L

    Why are players confused about what is an illegal hit?  Well, because the league is confused, or at the very least the NFL network.  James Harrison was initially reported as having two illegal hits against the Browns and was fined highly because of these multiple violations.  Upon further review it was declared the hit on Josh Cribbs was a legal hit as he was a running back at the time of the play.  Helmet to helmet hits occur all the time between running backs and defenders.  Apparently the NFL network is still confused because in an interview with Lamarr Woodley they show legal and illegal hits again listing the Cribbs hit as illegal.  This is at the 2:05 mark in the video.

  • kyle

    maybe this should be on the article about Troy but…can someone please tell miami hurricocaine homer warren sapp that Troy and Ed Reed play different positions – Reed playing the position that lends itself to interceptions.  Thank you in advance.

  • Mike L news for Ted, Jared Veldheer just rated 6th worst LT in the league in regard to pass protection.  It would appear John Scott is 16th or 17 and Flozell comes in around 20th.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the talks are making progress so it looks like Adam’s belief that we won’t miss football is more realistic by the day…for the record I hope Adam is right.

    Highlight: The talks are progressing and both sides are making concessions.
    Lowlight: Lawyers are being blamed for the troubles to date…oh sure blame us lawyers!