SL Discussion Thread for Week of June 20

This is your thread to talk about … well, whatever you want.

– Yes, it’s slow right now, and we apologize for the lack of content lately, but man … this lockout sucks. I will say that this week I’m going to have a post that takes a look at the best non-quarterback passers in Steelers history, and yes, the list contains more than just Antwaan Randle El. On the plus side, once the lockout does end it’s likely to be madness for a couple of days while teams frantically sign free agents. So that should be fun.

– I was going to do a post on this but never got around to it, but the big football-related news over the past week was the renewal of the Pitt-Penn State football rivalry that is scheduled to return in 2016 (at Pitt) and 2017 (at Penn State). How excited are you for a game that’s still five years away in a series that is only going to last two years (if we’re to believe Penn State athletic director Tim Curley)? I mean, if you’re entering your freshman year at either school you’ll have already graduated by the time this game kicks off. And the trash talk has already started! Sports!

– Your weekly Pittsburgh Power update: They lost an 81-40 nail-biter in Utah on Saturday, dropping their second consecutive game on the road. [Pittsburgh Power]

– Mike Tomlin is running an affordable football camp. How affordable? It’s free. [Post-Gazette]

– Will Neil O’Donnell ever get some respect? For the record, I think O’Donnell was an underrated quarterback in Steelers history. No, he wasn’t Ben Roethlisberger or Terry Bradshaw, but he also wasn’t Mark Malone or Tommy Maddox. I still believe that if he returns to the team in 1996 they go back to the Super Bowl. [Behind The Steel Curtain]

– This tweet from James Harrison had me laughing out loud for reasons I can’t explain. [James Harrison on Twitter]

– And for your random YouTube: The Mark Malone to Louis Lipps touchdown connection…

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  • Anonymous

    OK, I know I’m not the oldest guy here…and that I really only got into the NFL later in life…so can someone please tell my why there were cars near the end zone in that video?????

    • Anonymous

      Luxury box parking.

    • SteelerFanInCleveland

      The Steelers Lounge also had a video posted of Lynn Swann jumping over one of the cars after a pass into the endzone

  • Robert Dewar

    It was a lazier needs to be close to listen to your eight track tapes too..

    I am trying to keep my interest up in all things NFL but they are making it really hard. They go into August with this thing not settled and my interest is going to wane beyond belief. They screw up the start of training camp, no UFA sighnings…etc..they are really going to kill the buzz.

  • hoosierSteeler

    I always was under the impression that the Steelers are always close up against the cap each year. This article ( from Shutdown Corner with data from Football Outsiders doesn’t put the Steelers in the top 8 teams in “cash expenditures”. Can anyone who is a cap person explain what is going on there?

    Also, I’m not sure I trust their numbers when then suggest the Colts are only spending $73.8 million. I think they were close to the cap in 2009 (2010 was uncapped). It’s sad how many teams don’t reinvest in their team, though.