The Steelers are the 7th Best Franchise In Sports, Says ESPN Magazine

For the ninth year in a row ESPN The Magazine is compiling its ultimate franchise ranking, which takes every team in the four major North American sports and ranks them based on a number of categories including ownership, bang for the buck, how affordable it is to attend a game, title track, coaching and fan relations. The 2011 issue is set to hit newsstands on Friday, but word is already getting out as to which teams are at the top of the list. Your Pittsburgh Steelers come in at No. 7 (out of 122), trailing only the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Lightning (!?), New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Penguins show up in the No. 10 spot making Pittsburgh the only city with two franchises in the top 10, which is nice. It’s also the second time in the past four years that’s happened as the Steelers and Penguins finished No. 3 and 8 respectively in 2009.

Since ESPN started doing these rankings in 2003 the Steelers have finished 7th (2011), 28th (2010), 3rd (2009), 25th (2008), 9th (2007), 3rd (2006), 9th (2005), 16th (2004), and 15th (2003).

Which team was ranked as the worst franchise in sports? The Cincinnati Bengals, of course.

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  • Bob

    Packers win at everything lets just face it

    • Anonymous

      Proof that public ownership is better than private enterprise! 

  • Tvoytko

    Lol packers…. really?

  • Tvoytko

    Lol packers…. really?

  • t1mmy10

    i obviously disagree with the packers being number 1 and not the steelers, but i can accept it.

    how the HELL are the saints above the steelers though?
    this is the same team that it took hurricane katrina from moving away the team. and this is the same team that left 300+ season ticket holders out in the cold so they could build more luxury boxes to make more money.

  • Engymass2

    This is just a theoretical opinion… nothing scientific. 

  • Bill Pintsak

    I don’t mind the Packers….but come on…the Ok City Thunder?  The ‘Aints?  Eesh really? 

  • Anonymous

    The Packers were followed by the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning at number two
    overall in the Best Franchise In Sports rankings. The NFL’s New Orleans
    Saints came in at number three, with Major League Baseball’s Los
    Angeles Angels of Anaheim at number four and the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs
    at number five. Additional leaders include the NBA’s Oklahoma City
    Thunder at number six, the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers at number seven,
    Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies at number eight, and the NBA’s
    Memphis Grizzlies and NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins rounding out the top at
    numbers nine and ten respectively.
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