Free Agency Odds and Ends: Starks, Randle El and Plaxico

Catching up with what’s been going on with the Steelers…

– The Steelers made it official on Thursday and announced that they will not only be releasing left tackle Max Starks, but also wide receiver Antwaan Randle El. The release of Randle El isn’t a shock, but Starks certainly is. The Post Gazette‘s Ed Bouchette Tweeted on Wednesday night that Starks’ weight was in the “high 300′s,” and I wonder how much that had to do with his release, how much of it was cap-related, and how much of it was due to his recovery from injury. Or, perhaps it was simply a combination of all three.

– Along with agreeing to terms with Ike Taylor, the Steelers also agreed to terms on a four-year(!) deal with kicker Shaun Suisham. I assumed he was coming in last season to be a stop-gap for the rest of the season, but then he went 14-for-15 and made some big kicks. If he stinks, I’m confident they can find another Shaun Suisham.

– Are you ready? ARE. YOU. READY? Because Plaxico Burress is apparently meeting with Mike Tomlin on Friday. I remain against this because I just don’t see what Burress gives them, and I’d prefer to see the young, fast guys continue to do their thing.

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  • Geo B

    Ed Bouchette’s explanation on the Starks cut made it understandable.  Randle El, great guy but expendable.   Do not see the Burress signing happening for cap reasons and don’t know why they would bother with all the talent they already have. 

    • Rob D

      I hope Plax coming is just so they can say they gave him a look..they could use a tall WR but I really think he’s done as an NFL player. I tried very hard to like that guy but I never warmed up to him. He isn’t a gamer IMO..he floats a lot. Which means he will probably be a i am never right about FA acquisitions.

      If Starks blew up like Eddie B says,,,I am not surprised they cut him. He’s slow as molasses to start with but man…who can come in and hold down the fort for us> ARe they moving Adams over…is J.Scott got enough to play a lot of games there…I’m mystified unless they are going after someone else.

      Randle El…not sure I liked that signing in the first place but he made a contribution. He was toast for this year anyway so not surprised giving the young money crew we are tutoring.

  • Cols714

    Do not want Burress. Not at all.
    Good receiver, but old now.

    Still don’t understand cutting Starks.

  • Randy Steele

    This just in: “Chicago appears to have added depth at the tight end position, as Matt Spaeth and the Bears have agreed to terms, NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi is reporting. ”

  • Anonymous

    Spaeth reached an agreement with the Bears. I’m thinking David Johnson and Weslye Saunders are going to be the guys now with Johnson being in for max protect and lead blocking type situations and Saunders being the more balanced player. Of course Johnson didn’t get a lot of playtime and Saunders hasn’t played at all yet, so this is pretty speculative prediction. I’d also guess they go with two tight ends somewhat less frequently until those two, especially Saunders, can get up to speed.

  • Dean Keaton

    I’d be fine with Burress coming back, he may have another good year or two left in him, certainly potential to be better than ARE was last year

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan Scott resigned.
    Willie Colon resigned at 29 million for 5 years.

  • DJAnyReason

    Ok, so on Plax, let me propose this hypothetical:

    The New England Patriots WRs consist of Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, Manny Sanders, and Antonio Brown.  The Patriots then sign Plax.  Is our reaction “wow, that’s dumb, they have all those WRs already, how are they going to use Plax” or is it “wow, I wonder what kind of crazy 5-WR schemes Belichick is going to come up with”?

    Yeah, Ben isn’t Brady, but he is, by far, our best offensive player.  If we can add Plax at bargain cost (1yr for close to veteran minimum for him to re-establish himself?), then we upgrade our passing game.  It’d be like the mid 90′s, except instead of Neil O’Donnell, Jim Miller, and Kordell Stewart at QB, its Ben.  I don’t really see the problem here.

    • EasyLikeSundayMorning

      I could see making it work with Plax.  Put him on the field instead of Spaeth.  Until this year, Spaeth never blocked, either. 

      As for Belichick, he could light his farts on fire and someone would say how brilliant he is.  On Thursday, he was lauded for not jumping into the fray too quickly.  Later that day, when he got two mental patients, he was lauded for acting quickly.  Getting Haynesworth, who likened playing in the 3-4 to slavery, seems odd for a team that runs, well, you know.  One pundit said it was brilliant because he could be used in sub packages to get pressure.  Not sure you should be paying a disgruntled old fat guy $5-6mm a year for that.

      As for Chad Ochocinco, Aaron Hernandez should refuse to give up 85. Or he should hold out for Chad’s gold teeth.  Troy can deliver them during our next game, as he did after a hit during one of our games against the Bengals.

  • Anonymous

    Burress signed with the Jets for 1 year at 3 million. I would have taken Burress at 1 million, but 3 seems way too high.

  • Anonymous

    Nickname proposal: Mike “Most Definitely” Wallace.